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Summer Elite Forward/Defense Camp  
Mark Zarbo Hockey Training

The Elite Forward/Defense Camp is for any AAA/AA travel player who is serious about improving their game this summer.  The main purpose of this camp is to teach players positional/situational skills and to start “thinking the game of hockey”making them more effective players in all situations.

Defenseman example of skills to be covered:  angling, body/stick position, gap control, in-zone play, proper defensive
skating, offensive zone play and how to work together to control all types of rushes.

Forwards example of skills to be covered:  importance of attacking with a change in speed/lateral movement, puck protection skills, in-zone and rush support skills, variety of shooting skills and how to create space/scoring opportunities.

In addition to on-ice sessions players will receive a Home Workout Program with calendar to track themselves.  The program will contain nutritional tips and lots of other tips to help players become better athletes.  The program will be demonstrated so all players will understand and know how to follow the program.  In addition to the Home Workout program players game video clips with detailed explanations of professional, college, or junior players after each on ice session to reinforce the skills taught.  Finally all players in the program will be eligible to receive a discounted rate of $15/session to any of the Small Group Skill Sessionsoffered during the summer as long as spots remain (normal price is $25 for a single small group session).  Players will also be provided with a jersey at the first session.

98-99-00 Group—Only 2 Forward Spots Left!
01-02 Group— FILLED!
03-04 Group #1–  Only 1 Forward Spot Left!
03-04 Group #2– FILLED!
Visit www.MarkZarboHockey.com for complete schedule and camp information!
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