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We'll Help You Build a Business – and Re-Gain Control of Your Life!

Great Lifestyle!

We have all envied those people who somehow ‘got lucky’ and ended up with their own business. What do we envy? Sure, the money is great, but more than that there is no limit to their earnings – their efforts can lead to their income in a way that can’t be matched by a desk job.

q  Want a great holiday? Work that little bit harder and you can do it.

q  Want to upgrade your car? Add a couple of extra clients and you can achieve it easily.

What’s more, these people also have an enviably private life. A good business that practically runs itself, and financial concerns few and far between. And when you have integrated your business into your life, traditional working hours start to look seriously old fashioned. Want to spend the morning with the kids? No problem, switch to voicemail and go. Want to work around a sporting commitment? Great idea! You know what – you might even use your sports club contacts to build an even bigger business!

So what do these people have that you don’t? You are determined, driven and have a desire to run your own business. You can deal well with all types of people. You don’t even mind a new challenge every now and again.

If this is you, then you are right – these business owners have nothing that you do not. Then what is the difference? They have simply had the opportunity.

The Jim’s Cleaning Group has grown quickly since beginning in 1994. New franchise owners, passionate about the business, are eager to join a group renowned for teamwork, progress and the highest level of professional service. Over 200 families across Australia, New Zealand and, most recently, the United Kingdom, now own Jim’s Cleaning franchises, and earn great money while enjoying the best lifestyle on offer. In fact, in Canberra, it is possible to generate a 6 figure salary by following the Jim’s system.

But we need more people! This is a three billion dollar industry, and Jim’s Cleaning – possibly the best known name in the game – currently access only a small percentage of this market. With more and more people looking for professional cleaning services, we have a long, long way to go! We at Jim’s Cleaning have always known about the huge growth ahead of us, and we are now ready to help those people wanting to be part of it.

A Jim’s Cleaning Franchisee doesn’t need a degree, an office or even that much money (everything you need is included in the franchise price). We can also assist you in financing your new business, with specialists who know the Jim’s franchise model and options that include $0 deposit and unsecured finance!


What you do need is ambition, and a desire to build a successful business with great income and a capital gain potential. You also need to be passionate about exceptional quality and service. The right people will be given extensive training, ongoing support and a wealth of information and tools to succeed.


All you need to do is to grab the opportunity!


To find out more, visit www.jimscleaning.net, call Jim’s on 131546, or e-mail the local Jim’s Cleaning franchisor, Steve Walkom, at [email protected]