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Melbourne-based contemporary jazz outfit James Annesley Quartet in Canberra



This group was conceived in early 2007, as a trio featuring James Annesley on soprano and tenor saxophones, Tom Lee on double bass and Hugh Harvey on drums. In early 2008 they were joined by guitarist Hugh Stuckey, who claimed 3rd place in the 2007 National Jazz Awards at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival.

The music from this ensemble is unique style of contemporay jazz which draws influence from serene, earthy folk music as well as hard hitting rock. Annesley’s compositions are rich in dynamic contrast and varying timbral textures, with plenty of room for adventurous, freewheeling improvisations.

The group has performed regularly throughout Melbourne, at venues such as Bennetts Lane, The Paris Cat and the Wangaratta Jazz Festival. They have also toured South Australia and are soon to embark on a tour of NSW and the ACT.

Their music has been heard on several radio shows across the country, including Mal Stanley’s popular ‘JazzTrack’ on ABC FM, for which a recording was specially comissioned.

The James Annesley Quartet will be performing three shows in Canberra:

Wednesday 1st Oct. Hippo Bar, 17 Garema Place, City, 9pm $10

Thurs 2nd Oct. Folkus Room, 5 Heard St. Mawson, 9pm $15/12

Tuesday 7th Oct. God’s Cafe, ANU, 8pm $15/10


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