New software brings change to millions of users world-wide!

Early last month, a little known software company based in New Zealand, launched their latest version of MetriQ Professional, an automated timesheet software that promises to revolutionise how we collect time in business.

The rationale for their software asks the fundamental question: Why are we paying our staff to collect inaccurate, unreliable time data using timesheets, a technology that’s been around since the ark? Why indeed, and what are the reason this software genre will provide a powerful momentum for change in an industry that’s long stagnated, unable to think outside the square and complacent with the status quo.

So what’s the big deal? Filling out a timesheet takes 20 maybe 30 minutes at the end of the day, and if collecting time for charge-out to clients, these costs simply get past on. So why fix it if it ‘aint broke? Here’s a bitter pill, take care before you swallow!

First off, for every ten minutes a day your staff spend on timesheets, means you loose over a week of paid salary each year in lost productivity. Given that some of us spend half an hour scratching our bony cranium trying to remember what we’ve done throughout the day, translates to three weeks of lost productivity, a hidden cost few businesses can ill-afford to lose.

Next, consider the accuracy of the data collected. For business, we are legally obliged to ensure our clients are not overcharged, especially when using units to account for staff effort. But if the phone goes at 10:03 am for 2 minutes 43 seconds, or a co-worker interrupts you at 11:47 for a five minute chat, how can we expect staff to report this accurately when tired and anxious to avoid the rush hour home.

And truly, is there anyone out there that actually enjoys completing timesheets?

We’ve all seen fads of one sort or another come and go, but the fact remains, automating this mundane office chore has tangible cost benefits that far out way our reluctance to change. And here’s a litmus test: Who out there is willing to manually copy a letter, while standing next to a Xerox machine?


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