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Australian Handball Friend's Interview on Global Broadcast


An article "Handball Connects People" was uploaded on The Word on 6th May 2008 [Sport, Handball]. 

This article was an interview of Nenad Bach, who is the Editor In Chief of the Croatian World Network [CROWN] and who has been a great supporter of Australian handball. 

Aside from being the Editor In Chief of CROWN, Nenad is also an accomplished artist, songwriter and film score composer. 

Check out his MySpace page for more information on this multi-faceted and multi-talented individual on http://www.myspace.com/nenadbach

Nenad promotes world peace and friendship, care for the world and environment through his interaction with people he meets in person, through CROWN and his music. 

Supreme Master TV interviewed Nenad to speak about his views on issues and matters that are important to mankind.  This was aired on global broadcast on 1st June 2008, with simultaneous 15 subtitles.

Here’s a copy of the interview which has been posted on youtube.  No doubt the lives of many more people may be touched through this interview of this wonderful man who has given us friendship and support over the years.

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