Section V Launches First Girls High School Ice Hockey Team: Webster



    In the spring of 2023 the Greater Rochester Girls High School Hockey 2023 Spring Showcase was held at the Rochester Ice Center in Perinton, NY.  One hundred thirty-two high school age girls participated in the showcase.

    As a result of that showcase the first-ever girls organized high school ice hockey team was formed representing Webster (a combination of Webster-Schroder and Webster-Thomas High Schools). They are the first girls high school hockey team to represent Section V.

    Allyson Watrous, a native of Whitesboro, NY, is the head coach of Webster. She recently talked about the first year team and its strengths.

    “I think the strong point of our team this year is going back to our ‘Why,’” stated Watrous, who played her college hockey at Nazareth College. “’Why’ we are doing this.

    “We are doing this to grow the game of girl’s hockey. If we can keep driving that home, we will grow the game.

    “We want them to go out there everyday and skate, have fun and compete. We want to give the girls the chance to play hockey. That is the strength of this team.”

    Watrous also talked about how the whole process came about in developing  Section V girls high school hockey.

    “There was about a five-year process that took place before this team came into existence,” stated Watrous, who played hockey for the Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles club team and served as the team’s assistant captain for the 2018-19 season. “My plan for coaching was to maybe get in with one of the high school boys teams as a volunteer assistant coach.

    “Then I was told about this little secret that there was a girl’s team being formed. I applied to become their coach and I got hired about four months ago.

    “I put together the practice schedule, got our team together and here we are.”

    The 23 girl roster is made up of only four seniors and the rest being players from seventh grade on up to juniors. The first year team is considered young.

    “We’re developing and growing the team,” explained Watrous. “It makes me very excited to see where this team is going to be in two or three years.”

    As for captains and alternate captains on the team, Watrous has an interesting approach.

    “We established a leadership group,” remarked Watrous. “Every one of the players is a leader.

    “But we had a group of them that we selected from the start of the program. They take charge of that.

    “But we still tell all of the players that they are leaders.”

    What is the future of Section V girl’s hockey?

    “We will be getting more teams, but that is to be determined in the future,” answered Watrous. “The rumor is that there will be another team added next season.

    “After that we hope to keep adding teams. It is a slow process.

    “But it is one we are excited about.”

    (Photos by Janet Schultz Photography/NY Hockey OnLine)