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Buffalo Jr. Sabres Launch Girls Hockey Program To Empower Young Athletes


Buffalo, NY – The Buffalo Jr. Sabres proudly announce the establishment of their Girls Hockey
Program, aimed at fostering a supportive an empowering environment for young female
athletes in the world of ice hockey.
As a renowned organization committed to developing the next generation of hockey players, the
Buffalo Jr. Sabres recognize the growing interest and talent among young girls in the sport. The
launch of the Girls Hockey Program signifies the organization’s dedication to providing equal
opportunities for both male and female players to excel in hockey.
“As President of the Buffalo Jr. Sabres, it has always been my goal to provide young athletes the
opportunity to play hockey at the highest level with our experienced staff of coaches and

state-of-the art facilities,” said Patrick Kaleta, President, Buffalo Jr Sabres. “The addition of a girls
program only furthers our commitment to growing the game in our community and will set a
new standard for girls hockey in Western New York”
The Buffalo Jr. Sabres believe that this initiative will not only contribute to the growth of
women’s hockey but also empower young girls to pursue their dreams within the sport. The
organization is excited about the positive impact this program will have on the local community
and looks forward to witnessing the success of its participants on and off the ice.
To make this the best possible program from the start, the Buffalo Jr. Sabres are pleased to
announce Nicole Brown as the Director of Girls Hockey within the organization. “I am very
excited to help bring high level Tier 1 girls hockey to the Buffalo Jr. Sabres program. This is a
huge step towards growing the girl’s game in Western NY. Having access to the highest-level
coaches, facilities, and support will benefit so many young girls for years to come.”