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NWHL Responds To Players



To the players, fans and supporters of the NWHL and women’s hockey,

NWHL leadership respects the wishes of all players to consider their options, and they know we are always available to meet, to participate in open communication addressing their concerns and exchanging ideas, and to collaborate with the players on one league.

In the meantime, our plans continue for Season 5 of the NWHL to begin in October. After a series of highly constructive and positive discussions with the NWHL Players’ Association over the last month, we are offering increased salaries and a 50-50 revenue spilt from league-level sponsorships and media rights deals. Coming off an incredible 2018-19, we are confident another fantastic season is ahead.

After the CWHL announced it was ceasing operations, the NWHL immediately went to work and embraced the opportunity to build the one league for North America that many people, including the national team players, said they desired. We raised significant investments and met with top brands wanting to support one thriving league featuring the best of the best from around the world.

Of everyone working in women’s hockey, we are among the players’ biggest fans. In 2015, there wasn’t a professional women’s hockey league in the United States. Prior to our launch just four years ago, there was never a movement for others to take over women’s hockey, or for any wide-scale league in North America. In a challenging climate for women’s sports, our leadership has been proud to invest a great deal of time and resources in women’s hockey and these athletes. We believe in them.

We want to thank the fans for their passionate support of the NWHL. Last season, you sold out 16 games, made the Minnesota Whitecaps an historic success as our first expansion team, were a part of a record crowd for our All-Star Game in Nashville, purchased a record number of your favorite players’ jerseys and shirseys, and more of you watched our games on Twitter than ever before. Sponsors, partners and supporters took notice.

Thanks to you, the NWHL’s efforts to advance the sport, build the value of women’s hockey players, and show future generations that they can See It, Dream It and Be It will continue for many years to come. We are excited about the future, and we welcome everyone who wants to join us.

Dani Rylan, Founder and Commissioner           Hayley Moore, Deputy Commissioner

Lee Heffernan, Board Member, Investor                        Joel Leonoff, Investor

Neil Leibman, Board Member, Investor              Scott McCormack, Board Member, Investor

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