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WNY’s Norton Trains Athletes–Even in These Times!


By Janet Schultz, NYHOL

Gyms closed, arenas closed, staying at home is the best option. All this has caused all of us to look for new ways to do things. 

One WNY hockey player has found just the thing to help all of us stay in shape while staying safe.

Maddie Norton, a former WNY Girls Varsity Ice Hockey player who went on to play for the club hockey team at the University of Buffalo and then made her way into the NWHL Buffalo Beauts, is a trainer with One Up Sports Performance and Wellness. 

One Up was founded by Brandon Monin in 2012 and was located at Holiday Twin Rinks for several years, before moving to their Lancaster location. While the facility remains closed due to COVID 19, they have come up with programs designed for everyone, from all walks of life, all fitness backgrounds and all athletic backgrounds that they can do at an outdoor location or with a trainer going to their homes and working socially distanced. Their services are for athletes as well as non-athletes of all ages.

“The One Up Program does work,” said Norton. “We are all certified trainers, certified by at least one national certification program.”

One Up develops programs that are specific for the client, whether their goal is fitness or weight loss. They then track the client through evaluations, keep the information and workout data to track progress.

Norton gives an example of how a client wanting to increase their muscle size is helped.

First they would start with a short warm-up that includes cardio and mobility exercises to get the blood flowing and ready for work. Then they progress to lifting weights on designated muscle groups of the day. This goal would include exercises in sets of 3 for 8 to 10 reps at 75% to 85% of their 1 repetition maximum. They would then conclude the session with stretches to target the muscles that performed during the session.

“The advantage of One Ups programs are that the programs are designed specifically for your own needs and goals. They are 100% You,” emphasizes Norton.

“We don’t have cookie cutter plans that are handed out to each person that walks into the gym,” said Norton.

“When you work with a trainer, you know you can count on them to help you,” said Norton.

Pricing for the program is based on several factors. One Up has group sessions or private sessions and charges are usually by the hour. When there are groups of 10 or more, the pricing is per athlete.

In addition to One Ups training, Norton has developed a program to deliver virtual-type training to remote clients.

With the program Trainerize she can set up an exercise program for those who don’t have access to a gym or like working out at home better. The client provides her with a list of equipment they have and she designs the program to help them reach their goals.

Norton is more than qualified as a trainer. First she is certified but she received her bachelor’s degree in biomedical science. She is also an avid health and fitness enthusiast beginning to fulfill her dream to become a personal trainer and gym owner.

To contact Norton for more information on the program, email her at Mnorton2@buffalo.edu.

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