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WNYGVIH Closes Out 2021; Second Half of Season Starts Now!


WNYGVIH December wrap

by Janet Schultz, NYHOL

The calendar year comes to an end, as does the first part of the Western New York Girls Varsity Ice Hockey season. The teams played until December 23 9unfortunately NYHOL wasn’t able to see that last week of play) and close out the year with Monsignor Martin sitting in First Place overall, but challenged by Williamsville and Kenmore/Grand Island.

Forty-two games have been played with 30 left in the season.

MonMar has played 12 games with an 8-4 record giving them 25 points (one was an over-time loss). Williamsville, FLOP and KGI are closely behind. Having played only 9 games they are at 20, 21 and 19.5 points, respectively.

Niagara County follows, with CASH, LID and HEWS and St. Mary’s sitting at the bottom.

The top three scorers in the league are MonMar’s Cam Brownschidle with 11 games played and 11 goals and 7 assists. She is followed by Williamsville’s Aizah-Roze Thompson with 12 goals and 3 assists in 9 games and Sydney Radecki of LID with 12 goals and 2 assists in 10 games. Radecki has the most powerplay goals with 2 plus a shorthanded. Brownschidle and Isabella Jayme each have 3 game winning goals so far this season.

Goalie Jordan Hofschneider played one game and made it her first career shutout stopping all 32 shots on goal by St. Mary’s of Lancaster. 

MonMar’s Sophia Will has posted the most minutes between the pipes at 477.95 and has a 7-3 record with .956 save percentage.

NiCo’s Leia Schneid has 452+ minutes in net and has a 2-7-1 record with Kerrigan McCarthy in net for 415 minutes with a 6-1-2 record and .949 save percentage.

Will and Katherine Kelley, Williamsville, have seven wins each and Avery Hall has faced 373 shots and stopped 336 of them. Carolyn Bourgeault of KGI has the lowest GAA at .99 as the only regular starter under 1.00.

Bourgeault is also the shutout leader with 4 of 5 KGI’s shutouts.

There have been seven overtimes with five ending in ties.

The league stats, organized by Matt Miller, give us a little insight into what’s happening on the ice.

Monsignor Martin has scored the most goals in the league with 36. Williamsville has scored the most goals per game at 3.44 and scoring the least per game was KGI, giving up 8 goals in 9 games.

Monsignor Martin is best at the powerplay going 5 for 16 with a 31.3%. They are also the best at the penalty kill at 92.9%. LID follows with 90.9% and St Marys of Lancaster with 90.5%.

KGI logs in the most shots for per game and also the lowest shots against per game. With shutouts, KGI leads with 5 and MonMar with 4. 

History was made when Niagara County beat Williamsville for the first time ever. On December 16 NiCo  dropped 3 shots behind the Williamsville net and only one shot got past Goalie Leia Schneid. NiCO’s Kayla Persinger had a goal and 2 assists in that game.

Dropping in their first varsity goals in December were MonMar’s Trinity Kehoe and KGI’s Juliet Chadima, Kylie Turnbull and Megan Pinzel.

When WNYGVIH returns to the ice on January 3 Cash visits Niagara County and KGI will play Hews at Riverworks. (Late news that due to injury and illness St. Marys games this week have been postponed)

January 4 it will be LID at KGI at 7:50 p.m. No Wednesday games.

On Thursday Niagara County will travel to Holiday to face LID;  and KGI will face Williamsville at Northtowns. The KGI/Williamsville game will be broadcast by WNY Athletics.

On the weekend KGI will be traveling to the North Country to play in a tournament featuring Beekmantown, Plattsburgh and Massena. 

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