Mon. Nov. 224:15pm-5:45pmMMAA at LIDHoliday Rinks
Mon. Nov. 224:30pm-6pmWMSV at NCHyde Park
Mon. Nov. 224pm-5:30pmHEWS at STMCheektowaga
Tues. Nov. 237:50pm-9:20pmFLOP at KENGILincoln
Weds. Nov. 244:30pm-6pmMMAA at CASHNorthown
Mon. Nov. 294pm-5:30pmKENGI at STMCheektowaga
Mon. Nov. 294:30pm-6pmMMAA at NCHyde Park
Mon. Nov. 295:30pm-6:50pmCASH at HEWSRiverworks
Tues. Nov. 304pm-5:20pmFLOP at WMSVNorthown
Tues. Nov. 307:50pm-9:20pmCASH at KENGILincoln
Weds. Dec. 14pm-5:30pmNC at HEWSWest Seneca
Thurs. Dec. 24:15pm-5:45pmSTM at LIDHoliday
Thurs. Dec. 24:30pm-6pmCASH at FLOPHamburg
Thurs. Dec. 24:30pm-5:50pmHEWS at WMSVNorthown
Mon. Dec. 64pm-5:30pmNC at STMCheektowaga
Mon. Dec. 65:30pm-6:50pmWMSV at MMAA Riverworks
Tues. Dec. 74pm-5:20pmLID at CASHNorthown
Tues. Dec. 77:50pm-9:20pmHEWS at KENGILincoln
Weds. Dec. 84pm-5:30pmMMAA at HEWSWest Seneca
Thurs. Dec. 94:15pm-5:45pmWMSV at LIDHoliday
Thurs. Dec. 94:30pm-5:50pmSTM at CASHNorthown
Thurs. Dec. 94:30pm-6pmHEWS at FLOPHamburg
Thurs. Dec. 94:30pm-6pmKENGI at MMAANorth Buffalo
Mon. Dec. 134pm-5:30pmWMSV at STMCheektowaga
Mon. Dec. 134:30pm-6pmKENGI at NCHyde Park
Mon. Dec. 135:30pm-6:50pmHEWS at LIDRiverworks
Tues. Dec. 144pm-5:20pmMMAA at WMSVNorthtown
Tues. Dec. 147:50pm-9:20pmSTM at KENGILincoln
Weds. Dec. 154pm-5:30pmLID at HEWSWest Seneca
Thurs. Dec. 164:15pm-5:45pmKENGI at LIDHoliday
Thurs. Dec. 164:30pm-6pmCASH at MMAANorth Buffalo
Thurs. Dec. 164:30pm-5:50pmNC at WMSVNorthtown
Thurs. Dec. 164:30pm-6pmSTM at FLOPHamburg
Mon. Dec. 204pm-5:30pmMMAA at STMCheektowaga
Mon. Dec. 204:30pm-6pmLID at NCHyde Park
Mon. Dec. 205:30pm-6:50pmFLOP at HEWSRiverworks
Tues. Dec. 217:50pm-9:20pmMMAA at KENGILincoln
Weds. Dec. 224:15pm-5:45pmFLOP at LIDHoliday
Thurs. Dec.234:30pm-5:50pmWMSV at CASHNorthtown
Thurs. Dec.234:30pm-6pmLID at MMAANorth Buffalo
Thurs. Dec.234:30pm-6pmNC at FLOPHamburg
Mon. Jan. 34pm-5:30pmFLOP at STMCheektowaga
Mon. Jan. 34:30pm-6pmCASH at NCHyde Park
Mon. Jan. 35:30pm-6:50pmKENGI at HEWSRiverworks
Tues. Jan. 47:50pm-9:20pmLID at KENGILincoln
Thurs. Jan. 64:15pm-5:45pmNC at LIDHoliday
Thurs. Jan. 64:30pm-5:50pmKENGI at WMSVNorthtown
Thurs. Jan. 64:30pm-6pmFLOP at MMAANorth Buffalo
Thurs. Jan. 64:30pm-6pmCASH at STMNorth Buffalo
Mon. Jan. 104pm-5:30pmLID at STMCheektowaga
Mon. Jan. 104pm-5:20pmKENGI at CASHNorthtown
Mon. Jan. 104:30pm-6pmHEWS at NCHyde Park
Mon. Jan. 105:30pm-6:50pmMMAA at FLOPRiverworks
Tues. Jan. 114pm-5:20pmFLOP at CASHNorthtown
Tues. Jan. 117:50pm-9:20pmWMSV at KENGILincoln
Thurs. Jan. 134:30pm-6pmLID at FLOPHamburg
Thurs. Jan. 134:30pm-5:50pmNC at CASHNorthtown
Thurs.Jan. 134:30pm-6pmSTM at MMAANorth Buffalo
Mon. Jan. 174pm-5:30pmSTM at NCCheektowaga
Tues. Jan. 184pm-5:20pmLID at WMSVNorthtown
Tues. Jan. 187:50pm-9:20pmNC at KENGILincoln
Weds. Jan. 194pm-5:30pmWMSV at HEWSWest Seneca
Thurs. Jan. 204:30pm-5:50pmHEWS at CASHNorthtown
Thurs. Jan. 204:30pm-6pmNC at MMAANorth Buffalo
Thurs. Jan. 204:30pm-6pmWMSV at FLOPHamburg
Mon. Jan. 244pm-5:20pmSTM at WMSVNorthtown
Mon. Jan. 244:30pm-6pmFLOP at NCHyde Park
Mon. Jan. 245:30pm-6:50pmCASH at LIDRiverworks
Weds. Jan. 264pm-5:30pmSTM at HEWSWest Seneca
Thurs. Jan. 274:30pm-5:50pmCASH at WMSVNorthtown
Thurs. Jan. 274:30pm-6pmHEWS at MMAANorth Buffalo
Thurs. Jan. 274:30pm-6pmKENGI at FLOPHamburg
Tues. Feb. 14:30pm-5:50pmSection VI Quarterfinal 2nd vs. 7thAmherst Northtown
Tues. Feb. 16pm-7:20pmSection VI Quarterfinal 3rd vs. 6thAmherst Northtown
Tues. Feb. 17:30pm-8:50pmSection VI Quarterfinal 4th vs. 5thAmherst Northtown
Thurs. Feb. 34:30pm-5:50pmSection VI Semifinal 1st vs. 4thAmherst Northtown
Thurs. Feb. 36pm-7:20pmSection VI Semifinal 2nd vs. 3rdAmherst Northtown
Mon. Feb. 76pm-7:50pmPrivate School ChampionshipLockportCornerstone
Mon. Feb. 78pm-9:50pmSection VI ChampionshipLockportCornerstone
Fri. Feb. 11TBANew York State SemifinalsSUNY Canton
Sat. Feb. 12TBANew York State ChampionshipSUNY Canton

WNYGVIH is proud to announce the addition of St. Mary’s High School to the League. This now gives the League a Private School Championship between St. Marys and Monsignor Martin.

To clarify the above:

KENGI is Kenmore/Grand Island

FLOP: Frontier, Lakeshore, Orchard Park

HEWS: Hamburg, Eden, West Seneca

STM: St. Mary’s

MMAA: Monsignor Martin

LID: Lancaster, Iroquois, Depew

WMSV: Williamsville

CASH: Clarence, Amherst, SweetHome

NC or NICO: Niagara County including Starpoint, Lewport, Niagara Wheatfield and No Tonawanda

There may be adjustments made to schedule so watch our Facebook page nyhockeyonline for those notifications.

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