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The Small Strange Metal Box from Outer Space

A small metal box

By Chris Trappel

It traveled through the stars: the planets and the galaxies, time and space, oceans of black and bright, red and orange, heat and ice, orbits and stagnation. Only to reach the unreachable again, further and further it went, on its pathway towards our planet.
In its funny rotation it gained speed. It: A small, strange metal box from outer space seemed determined to move forward. The space monsters snapped at it. The stars shone on it, but still the box moved on, swimming in the black sea of emptiness, strangeness and divine mystery. It iced up a thousand times then defrosted as the warmth of a star shone upon it. Still, it maintained its odd rotation like an awkward waddle, towards our planet. It was the size of a cigarette packet or perhaps more like a small metal cigar box… because that’s exactly what it looked like. As it approached the Milky Way Galaxy it stopped. Light projected from inside. Then it glowed pure white light and sped down towards Earth. Flames were thrown from behind it like a rocket, helping it to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere. It hit the ocean and was washed up on the shore where a boy found it and took it home. From under the thick cover of his blankets he could see the light. Then shapes dancing and flickering, then noises that woke up his parents.
But the metal box knew that it was safe with the boy and it didn’t want to get him into trouble – so it went quiet all night. The metal box was placed in the park, the boy knew that this had to be done. Machinery appeared from out of the box and grew and grew, entwining and forming connecting monstrosities that turned into beautiful works of art that lit up the sky, challenging our world’s natural wonder. It continued until most of the planet could see the outer worldly beauty. Then it stopped.
The boy picked it up. The strange metal box flew up towards the boy’s face and embraced him with metal arms. Then, like a rocket, it sped out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

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