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Technology and your business's bottom line

Telstra Innovation Expo arrives in Canberra

Local businesspeople can speak to the experts about how the latest communications technologies can improve their bottom line when the Telstra Innovation Expo arrives in Canberra at the National Convention Centre at 7am on 21st October, 2008.

Telstra Country Wide® Area General Manager, Michael Sharpe, said Telstra was committed to improving services in regional Australia and the Innovation Expo was an opportunity for local business decision makers to speak face-to-face with technology experts from Telstra and its suppliers about how they can make the most of recent service improvements.

“Staying in touch with the latest technological advances can be daunting and tough for time-poor businesses. With that in mind the Expo has been designed to provide people with a means of getting the latest information, but to also demonstrate how Telstra’s end-to-end business solutions can take the hassle out of managing a business’s IT requirements.

“Beyond that, people can get their hands on some of the latest gadgets, like new Blackberries,” said Mr Sharpe.

Other small-and-medium business-ready technologies on show at the Expo will be Telstra Mobile Payments (T-Pad) services and Xora™ TimeTrack.

Michael Sharpe said Telstra Mobile Payments enabled small business owners to take credit card payments direct via their mobile phone or PDA.

“For smaller businesses, this is a double bonus for their bottom line, providing immediate, secure payments and less time spent in the office.

“Xora™ TimeTrack is an especially exciting system for companies with multiple representatives on the road.

“Xora™ TimeTrack can improve the visibility of your field staff and enhance their ability to communicate with you. Businesses can deploy their staff more effectively, and deliver their customer services more efficiently,” Michael Sharpe.

Chris Peters, Chief Executive of the ACT Chamber of Commerce Businesses in Canberra, urges business to attend the Telstra Innovation Expo.

“Businesses in Canberra are amongst early adapters to new technology and the Telstra Expo presents an opportunity to see the latest in communications technology to help their business grow and prosper,” Mr Peters said.

“Businesses can not only view the technology at the Expo but they can touch it, examine it, and play with it to see how it can best benefit their business.”

“They can find new ways to accept credit cards in the field, to roster staff, to communicate with their staff, their office and their customers – Not only is it vitally important to help them better manage their business, but it will also help the bottom line.”

For more information and to register for the Telstra Innovation Expo visit http://innovationexpo08.telstra.com.

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