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Superior Ice Rink/COVID 19 Update


From Rich at Superior Ice Rink:

UPDATE: After 6 months many of Superior Ice Rink’s activities are back up and
running. Camps, clinics, puckshoots, Rec League no contact practices, Mini-mite
program, Learn to skate program, LI Royals no contact practices, HS team no
contact practices, private lessons, and pro shop are all back and running.

customers and staff for following and implementing all the safety practices and
protocols in place to help keep all healthy and playing.

Unfortunately and frustratingly, despite the continued decrease in Covid-19
cases throughout Long Island and NY, we are still unable to play games of any
kind, youth or adult, inside the borders of NYS. Currently Connecticut, New
Hampshire, Pennsylvania are permitted to play with various restrictions and
protocols. I understand New Jersey and Mass are close to being allowed to play
in some form shortly as well. It is my further understanding NYS will not consider
same in NY for what they determine to be ‘high risk sports’ like ice hockey at this

So you all are aware, I, along with other industry leaders, as well as NYSAHA
representatives, have been working hard establishing protocols and creating
proposals for our state representatives consideration. Our proposal is
summarized as follows:

  1. PHASE 1 – 8/19 – Immediate recognition of current NYS return to play
    guidelines (camp/clinic private lessons) by USA Hockey with
    clarifications for team practices within these guidelines. THIS WAS
  2. PHASE2 – PROPOSED – Sept 1 return to in house only, no checking
    games and scrimmages. THIS WAS NOT CONSIDERED BY NYS Govt.
  3. PHASE 3 – PROPOSED – Oct 1 return to regional travel hockey only
  4. PHASE 4 – PROPOSED – NOV 1 return to interstate travel hockey. THIS
    This proposal also included much detail with regard to proper social distancing off
    the ice, locker room usage restrictions, spectators in bldg., occupancy restrictions,
    cleaning procedures, etc.. We felt that this phased in approach gave the hockey
    community the ability to meet our customers needs in the safest possible manner
    without them having to, unsafely, travel outside the state to do so. Rationale;
    Phase 1 was already in place, Phase 2 (non contact in house only play) is, in
    reality, NO FURTHER RISK THEN THE ACTIVITIES already running and approved in
    phase 1, AND Phase 3 and 4 were sufficiently post dated to allow for NYS to
    evaluate the impact of return to school and other such activities on the Covid-19
  5. However, I’m told despite ALL of the neighboring states doing so, NYS
    will STILL not consider this.
    NOW, as I warned in my correspondence with many hockey and state
    officials, the unintended, but COMPLETELY ANTICIPATED, consequences are now
    taking place. USA Hockey has directed NYSAHA to certify all travel team rosters
    and not prohibit them from traveling and playing games in states where such
    restrictions have been lifted. Thus creating, in my opinion, a more unsafe
    situation then had they approved our proposal with a phased in, IN STATE,
    approach until Nov 1. I’m told NYS, in the event there is an outbreak due to such
    activity, will move to restrict/prohibit all out of state ‘high risk’ sports activities. If
    this Is even legal, let alone enforceable is quite suspect. (Will they check peoples
    trunks for hockey equip at border crossings!?) At this point, I don’t know what
    they are thinking. They certainly do not understand ice hockey, its structure or
    risks, nor wish to try to. They are not coordinating with surrounding states nor
    seem to wish to try to. Bottom line is, right now our kids can practice here, non
    contact, but need to leave the state to play games. Backwards, yes!, Stupid,
    agreed! I’m sure there are a few other adjectives that are appropriate. Choose
    your own.
    If you choose to travel out of state to play games, please be safe. It will only take
    one case to shut our facilities down again within NYS. And then more kids will
    leave the state to play on weekends, only to return to their local schools on
    Monday. ????? I can assure all we will encourage the safest possible measures
    be used in all of our programs. Travel and in house.
  6. Recreational League – Spring/Summer Rec 2020 season – All teams are set up
    and practicing. However, games can still not be played. We will be putting in
    skills competitions in the upcoming weeks to add some variety. We will keep
    all of you posted with regard to NYS game play restriction developments.
    FALL/WINTER Rec 2020-21 Season – We are holding off putting out this
    program brochure until we have return to play games date established.
  7. Mini-Mite Program Begins again 9/14
  8. Friday Night Clinics Begin again 9/4
  9. Mens League- As above. Waiting on game play restriction lifted by NYS.
  10. LI Royals travel Teams – Regular in season practice schedules starting 9/7.
    OFF Ice Training beginning 9/7 as well. Games are permitted out of state
  11. Learn to Skate – Learn to skate is BACK on the ice. Wednesdays, Saturdays
    and Sundays. Contact Renee for Details.
  12. Private Instruction- Please contact your individual instructor.
  13. FIT Athletics Gym- Projected Gym Reopening 9/7/2020 –
  14. Public Sessions- All Sessions are cancelled until further notice.
    10.Puckshoots ARE being Scheduled. Check Website for dates and times.
    I hope all this info helps, our staff will be following all necessary protocols and
    need YOUR help too to keep everyone safe! See you at the rink.!
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