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SUNY Morrisville IcePlex Coronavirus Response


Dear friends of the SUNY Morrisville IcePlex,

In an effort to keep the greater Morrisville community safe and healthy, SUNY Morrisville has updated their visitors policy, now stating, “SUNY Morrisville facilities and buildings are open only for official college business and are not open to the general public.” Therefore, we are, regrettably, required to temporarily close our doors and cancel all public events, including private lessons or contracted events until further notice or until the College’s visitors policy is re-evaluated.

The health and safety of our visitors, students, faculty and staff have always been our top priorities, and this updated policy is intended to inhibit any potential exposure or spread of COVID-19. SUNY Morrisville and the IcePlex are committed to doing whatever possible to protect our community.

We understand that some have invested in offerings or services of the IcePlex that will no longer be available. We will be reaching out to you to discuss next steps. If you do not hear from us by September 18, please contact us.

Thank you for your support, understanding, and flexibility as policies surrounding COVID-19 continue to evolve and require rapid response.

We hope you all stay safe, happy, and healthy until we see you again.

– SUNY Morrisville IcePlex Team

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