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South Glens Falls’ Thomas Nostalgic Heading Into Final Months


By Warren Kozireski —

It happens to every player competing at a competitive level in every sport. No matter how far they advance, eventually the end comes into view and Geneseo senior forward Jared Thomas is no different.

“We’ll see, but probably going to have to hang them up and get into the real world,” Thomas said in late January. “I’m excited for what’s to come, but definitely not ready to hang them up, but it’s inevitable, I guess.

“Trying honestly not to think about it—I think all of our senior class is trying not to think about it—and just go day by day and enjoy every day that we have together and being on the ice here.”

The 6’0” 185lb. center did not leave the Capital District as early as many college hockey players. He played high school hockey for the Tri-Falls Rivermen (now Adirondack) from his eighth-grade season through his junior year and his senior year in the area with CP Dynamo in the USPHL where he put up 30 points in 21 games.

“Pretty unique (playing high school hockey that long). Where I lived it’s not a great hockey market and I could have gone to a couple of prep schools and decided to stay home…and it worked out thank goodness.

“(Clifton Park) was fairly new, but we had some success and probably the best program we have in the area.”

That got the attention of the Boston Jr. Bandits in the NCDC where he again registered solid offensive numbers over two campaigns with 27 goals and 83 points over a combined 96 games.

Then he arrived in Geneseo as a freshman just in time for the cancelled pandemic season before playing just seven games in his second year as a Knight.

“I think it’s been going really well; I think the team is all bought in, and I think we have a chance to make a real run,” Thomas said. “I think I’m playing a good role on the team. I’m not exactly putting up the points but trying my best to help the team win.”

Thomas had matched his ten-point output from last season in just 20 games while playing a fourth line center role many nights.

“We roll all four (lines), so I get to be out there a lot, so it’s nice.

“Being in state tuition was definitely a factor; the hockey is an unbelievable program year-after-year always putting out a good product on the ice and on top of that especially is the academics. Coming out of Geneseo with a degree is looked at as a pretty high-end thing, so that was a big part of my decision as well.”

Next Thomas thinks he may use his summer 2023 internship in sales to launch a commission-based career that will also allow him to continue his other love—golf.

“Communications major and I worked in sales over the summer, so I’ll probably stay in that field. I really enjoyed it; commission based so you eat what you kill. I like that part of it…keeps you motivated.

“I definitely play a lot of golf, so that gets expensive. But that’s not going to stop. Business meetings on the golf course.”

(Photos provided by Geneseo Athletic Dept. and Geneseo Hockey Team)