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Second Week of WNYGVIH in the Books




Just a short recap on week 2 of the WNYGVIH League.

On the historical side, Jenna Woods set a Williamsville School record when she scored 5 goals in a single game. That game in the final game of the week.


Lancaster/Iroquois/Depew took on Frontier/LakeShore/Orchard Park at Riverworks on Monday and FLOP (we really do need to change that) defeated LID (another cute label) 4-1.

Brooke Becker put FLOP on the scoreboard at 1:33 of the first period with an assist from Raegan Comprise. First period ends 1-0. Mary Kromer and Taylor Gehen added two more. However LID’s Maddy Moran took passes from Bethany Horvatis and Jersey Phillips getting Lanaster/Iroquois/Depew on the Board and they skate off with a 2-1 score at the end of the second. Gabby DeMeo put in the final point of the night and the game ends 4-1 in favor of FLOP. Maggie Spyche (FLOP) made 16 saves and Dylan Gorski (LID) made 24.

Lancaster/Iroquois/Depew had to hit the ice the following night when they faced off against Clarence/Amherst/SweetHome at Holiday.

LID’s Morganne Dee garnered the first goal at 9:52 but just 2 minutes later CASH’s Lilli Adimey scored and then Renee Lauer dropped in one and the first period ends 2-1 in favor of CASH. Second period started out the same way with LID’s Morgan Zaccarine scoring and that goal put a 2-2 tie on the board ending the second period. As usual with this league, who was going to win? Well third period was a scoring frenzy with CASH scoring three and LID scoring 2. In the end it was a 5-4 victory for CASH. Scoring for CASH in the third was Leeper, Lauer, and Madison Achtyl. For LID it was Jillian Blas and Jersey Phillips. CASH had 36 shots o goal and LID 11.

We then traveled to Lincoln Arena for the second game of the night pitting West Seneca/Hamburg/Eden against Kenmore/Grand Island.

First period ended with no score. Then WSHE opened scoring with three goals in the second and ending that period 3-0. Third period was Kenmore/Grand Islands with their two of the night. The final 3-2 WSHE. Scoring for WSHE were Emma O’Neil (unassisted and with 2) and Carleigh Sutfin, unassisted. For Kenmore it was Kaylynn Savoy and Nina Stockman.

Two games on tap for Thursday night included FLOP at Monsignor Martin at North Buffalo and Kenmore/Grand Island at Williamsville at Northtowns.

The 4-3 victory for Monsignor Martin did not come easy. It was another game of not knowing who would be victorious and this one came down to the buzzer in the third period.

Monsignor Martin scored first when Kayla Blas scored on the powerplay. FLOP answered back when Gabby DeMeo dropped one in and the first period ended 1-1. Second period scoring was opened by FLOP’s Taylor Gehen, MM answered back with a goal by Izzy Friedman and then FLOP took the second period score to 3-2 in their favor. Third period was MM with Gracee Donovan and Blas dropping in two more goals.

Over at Northtowns it was a 4-2 victory for Williamsville over Kenmore/Grand Island.

Kaylynn Savoy scored the first goal for Kenmore/Grand Island in the first period. In the second it was Holly Schmelzer for Williamsville and Amanda Gaffney for KGI and Williamsville goes into the third with a 3-1 lead. Kenmore/Grand Island scored first in the third when McKenna Horne scored but Schmelzer came right back with a Williamsville goal. The final of the night came from Rachel Juneau and the buzzer rang.

The final game of the week was Friday when WSHE hosted Williamsville in West Seneca.

Jenna Woods made a Williamsville record when she scored 5 goals and 1 assist in the game. She has now had the most goals in a single game for Williamsville. Holly Schmelzer added the other 2 goals plus 5 assists. Assists also came from Alzah-Roze Thompson and Amanda Gaffney. Rose Quattro made 18 saves.

WSHE’s 2 goals came from Emma O’Neil and assists were credited to Katelyn Morris, Maddy Jurusik and Victoria Ziemba. Lauryn Brown made 15 saves.

At the end of two weeks Williamsville and Frontire/Orchard Park/Lancaster both have three wins; Clarence/Amhest/Sweethome hass 2 and Monsignor Martin and West Seneca/Hamburg/Eden each have one win with Kenmore/Grand Island and Lancaster/Iroquois Depew losing all of their games.

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