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Sandy Wrecks Playland, Other Rinks; Mariners & Manhattanville Trying to Salvage Season

Hurricane Sandy wrecks Playland and other area rinks

Ice Casino remains closed until further notice. At this point I have no means of giving you any time frame for how long we will be closed.

The Tri State area has been hit hard.  People have lost their lives, houses, cars and jobs.  In spite of that our community continues to push forward and try to live normal lives. 

Playland was destroyed by the Hurricane. It will be months before it is open.  We are asking local rinks and hockey people to help us out.  We are looking for some practice and or game ice for our teams.
We have 26 mites broken up in mite major and minor.
We have 26 squirts broken up into HVHL B and B1
We Have 30 peewees broken up into HVHL NTB A and LIAHL tier II.
If anyone has a spare hour or two after school we could use as practice ice or a slot starting no later than 9pm we could really use it. If you have game slots for our league games also that would be great.
Even if you could invite our teams to a joint practice weekly or once a month that would be welcome.
We are basically a homeless hockey club. Any help would be appreciated.

Please email us at [email protected]

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