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Rochester Edge Girls Hockey Establishes Partnership With NewEdge Hockey


Rochester Edge Girls Hockey is excited to announce a new partnership with the NewEdge Hockey Development Academy (NEHDA) for the 2019-2020 season. NEHDA and Coach Rob Sedia have rapidly developed a reputation throughout Western New York and beyond for their deep knowledge of the game, innovative training techniques, and relentless tempo and education in every one of their skills development sessions.

Coach Sedia and NEHDA have extensive experience training dedicated hockey players from the youth level through the highest levels of competitive hockey including the NHL. NEHDA has been endorsed by great hockey minds like Jim Corsi, Ron Rolston, Darcy Regeir, Chuck Weber, and Chadd Cassidy (among many others), and their recent expansion into the Buffalo, NY market headed by 25 year NHL coach/trainer/scout Jon Christiano has attracted the area’s top players. NewEdge Hockey Development Academy has become NY’s go to company for on-ice training, player education seminars, coach education seminars, and scouting for the NCAA D1 and elite level – tuition free Junior Programs.

“Throughout the past 10 years I have had the great pleasure and honor to work with a large number of hockey players, teams, organizations, and coaches from all over North America. During that time, I have learned how and why hockey organizations (and coaches) either succeed or unfortunately fail. There are a number of common characteristics among the flourishing organizations as well as the fading ones.

President Mike Rizzo of The Edge Girls Hockey Organization is leading the program’s new mission with an incredible supporting cast. People like Cassy Opela, Robyn Ipen Van Zeilen, Sig VanDamme, Jessica Prance, and Steve Weisbeck are among the very talented team within the organization. The Edge Organization is instituting and practicing the same philosophies that the most successful hockey organizations practice! This is a very exciting time for the Edge Organization and for the families that will be involved. On behalf of Dave Garofalo, Jon Christiano,and myself, NewEdge Hockey Development Academy is honored to be a part of Rochester Edge Girls Hockey mission!” Rob Sedia / Owner NewEdge Hockey Development Academy

“The addition of NEHDA to our player development program is a cornerstone of our restructuring. Coach Sedia’s emphasis on continuing coach and player education, individual resilience and character development along with an emphasis on performance skating, individual skills and increasing compete levels will enable our young women to develop the individual and tactical skills needed to gain superior confidence both on and off the ice.

Coach Sedia brings unparalleled joy, enthusiasm and attention to detail to every aspect of NEHDA. From superior on ice sessions all the way to technically advanced practice preparation, Rob brings the experience and knowledge needed to help bring the Edge Program to the next level. His preparation, professionalism and love of the game are apparent and motivational to both players and coaches.” Rochester Edge President Mike Rizzo

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