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The Mental Health Foundation (ACT), a leading service provider and information resource on mental health in Canberra, has organised a series of public discussions for 2008. The discussions generate positive awareness around mental health and provide participants with some useful skills. For example: what symptoms to look out for; available services in our Canberra community; and treatment options available.

Popular first discussion held in Gungahlin
The Foundation held its first discussion in Gungahlin, which looked at bipolar disorder. Over 30 locals or Canberrans attended and gained from hearing the life experiences from a local Canberran: they gave a powerful glimpse of what life is like with bipolar disorder. Attendees also received an information pack on available services.

Feedback received indicates that the format and concept of holding these locally based information nights were of great benefit, as illustrated below by Bob (omitted surname and permission was sought):

“Many thanks for organising the discussion group at the Gungahlin Community Centre last night. I thought it very courageous for the speaker to speak so frankly about her story and the evening was informative… Well done to all concerned.

As I attend these meetings I am surprised at just how many groups there are out there offering support and advice… I feel if I can learn more about depression and bipolar I might just be able to help someone else.”

Discussions on mental illness and health are being held throughout all regions of Canberra. They provide a unique opportunity for people to learn and to better understand what life can be like with a mental illness.

Next discussion: Depression
Depression is a common illness in Australia, the fourth most presented issue for general practitioners: it is likely that you will experience it yourself, or know someone living with this illness.

To some, depression can take away feelings of happiness and hope, leaving you feeling empty and sad. It may be caused by a singular event that shocks us and leaves us unable to cope with what had happened; it could also be ongoing build up of daily pressures, such as work and bringing up children; plus others.

There are many symptoms or bodily signs to indicate depression. Being aware of these symptoms and learning how best to maintain good mental health are some ways to stop or minimise depression.

The Mental Health Foundation (ACT) is providing you with an opportunity to learn more about this illness. Come along and discuss depression with our expert panel of: health professionals; and people who live with this illness.

Details of discussion

Date: 15th May 2008
Time: 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Location: United Pentecostal Church, Cnr Plunkett & Maclaurin Streets,
Chifley ACT 2606
Cost: FREE

This public discussion will be informative and engaging, a good opportunity for you to learn and understand. Open your mind, learn something new and hear the human experience of living with depression.

One in five people will experience depression in their lives – one in four females and one in six males.

Six percent of the population experience depressive disorders in any one year.
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reported mental disorders to be the third leading cause of overall disease burden, accounting for thirteen percent of total burden.

More Information
P 02 6230 7629 | F 02 6161 8273 | E attitude@mhf.org.au

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