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NWHL Aligns With Five Hole For Food Charity Tour In Canada


New York, NY –This week, the NWHL (National Women’s Hockey League) attended the Sparks Street, Ottawa and YD, Toronto Five Hole For Food sessions as part of the Five Hole For Food (FHFF) charity tour in Canada. As part of their annual coast-to-coast tour, FHFF travels from the East Coast to the West Coast playing ball hockey for local food banks. NWHL Commissioner Dani Rylan joined in the last two days, playing ball hockey to help raise funds and awareness for FHFF.

Five Hole For Food puts on ball hockey tournaments to support local food banks across Canada each summer. A hockey stick and a can of food is all you need to get involved. This year, FHFF has scheduled 13 events beginning on July 1 and ending on July 18. Three of these sessions coincide with the NWHL’s Canadian Camp Series in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. Last year, FHFF donated their one-millionth pound of food since they began in 2010.

“For us, it’s about getting the community together. We’ve done some stuff in the States and we’d love to do more in the U.S., so I think if there’s an opportunity to work with the NWHL… If there’s hockey, we’ll go out there and get it done,” said Richard Loat, Founder of Five Hole For Food.

The NWHL Foundation believes that partnering with Five Hole For Food for local food banks will help unite local communities to raise food, funds and awareness through the sport of hockey. Both the NWHL and FHFF encourage all communities to take up the call of social philanthropy using hockey as a vehicle for social change in order help food banks across the nation.

“Community outreach is a core component of the mission of the NWHL, and Five Hole For Food is exactly the kind of organization we’re looking to align ourselves with,” said NWHL Commissioner Dani Rylan.

The NWHL announced various game night themes for the upcoming season earlier this week, including Canned Food and Coat Drive Night.

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