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NewEdge Looking To Open Again

Potential Phase II OpeningGetting back on the ice is a major priority for us and we are working diligently to make that happen. NewEdge Hockey LLC. is a “Professional Services” company which could potentially allow us to operate now with phase II underway.

In order for this to happen, multiple things have to take place; first and foremost the facilities in which we operate MUST submit a request to the State of New York and receive APPROVAL. Without this required step, the facilities, the businesses, and the customers are legally at risk.

Failure to follow state issued guidelines for operating in phase II is not something we are willing to do nor is taking shortcuts or skipping steps that could/would put our valued customers at risk in any way. 

NewEdge Hockey LLC. is currently working with our corporate headquarters Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex on a plan to reopen in the next week. While nothing is guaranteed, we feel confident that the potential to legally operate is high. We have submitted our application along with our Safety Plans to New York State and will work with the State’s assigned team as to what the next step is.

Should permission be granted by NYS, the on-ice training sessions would/could looks like this;

* 9 participants with 1 instructor per sheet of ice. Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex will have 2 sheets of ice open/operating specifically for NewEdge Hockey LLC. This means we can potentially have 18 participants per hour training. 

* Guidelines will be set for access into the facility, where to get dressed, how to enter/exit the ice surface as well as to how to exit the facility.

* On-ice training sessions will be limited to 1 hour per session.SEND YOUR REQUEST TO PARTICIPATEIn an effort to be proactive, we are accepting participants in a new but temporary manner. If you are interested in on-ice training sessions you will need to send an email to: info@newedgehockey.com

Required Information

Player First/Last Name:
Player Birth Year:
Current Level:  (house, AA travel, AAA travel, etc.)

NewEdge Hockey will respond to you with dates, times, and fees relative to the group in which you would participate. You would select your sessions and be locked in to participate. 

9 participants per session ONLY.

Each accepted participant will receive a confirmation email which must be printed and presented for each session attended. 
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