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NewEdge Hockey Development Academy Announces Buffalo, NY Division


NewEdge Hockey Development Academy Announces Buffalo, NY Division!

Approximately 6 years ago, NewEdge Hockey Development Academy opened in Rochester, NY and quickly gained the attention of local hockey families looking for quality training, consistency, and professionalism. As our local customer base grew, the word spread to neighboring hockey cities and when we partnered with Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex, a new and exciting phase for the business began. We noticed an influx of Buffalo, NY based hockey families traveling to us for hockey training.

This influx coupled with many requests to open a Buffalo, NY division of NewEdge Hockey Development Academy sparked our research into the possibility.

A Word From The Owner
Rob Sedia / Founder & Professional Trainer

“The right people and the right facility are imperative to the success of a new division of the business. We need to have the same mindset of elite hockey players. If we expect to provide exceptional services, we as trainers NEED continued education and development in some way, shape, or form everyday. We owe that to our students because they deserve our very best every session.

“The game of hockey has changed over the years. As a result, the athletes and the training methods have changed as well. Our objective is to stay at the forefront of these changes and deliver the most relevant services possible.

“Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex proved to be an amazing move for us as their professionalism and business ethics and values mirror ours. The team at Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex has a “best in class” mentality and they care for their partners like you wouldn’t believe. We could not be more excited to begin a similar partnership with Holiday Twin Rinks / Leisure Rinks in the Buffalo, NY market. The Grundtisch name in the Buffalo community is synonymous with hockey, class, and character and we are honored to partner with them on this endeavor. I spent my entire minor hockey career playing in these arenas so returning in this manner is exciting to say the least. I want to thank Mark and Paul Grundtisch for this opportunity.”

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