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New Leadership Team for Chamber of Women in Business


This week the Chamber of Women in Business (CWB) elected a new leadership team in Jean McIntyre as President and Caron Egle as Vice President – the start of a new
direction for the Chamber. 

At the CWB Annual General meeting this week, all positions were vacated and an almost
completely new committee elected which represents a new start for the Chamber.

Newly elected CWB President Jean McIntyre of Marketing Angels is very pleased about the new
committee: “It was great to see a number of members step forward who have not served before. New members bring fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm which is what the CWB needs at this point in time to be able to reinvent itself and deliver greater benefits to our members.”

According to Ms McIntyre, the Chamber has suffered a little over recent years with a lack of
women available to serve on the committee. This has meant that committee members have had to work very hard to pla  and deliver events and to promote the Chamber and CWB members with few resources left to achieve longer term strategic goals. The previous committee recently spent time re-designing the positions on the committee so that the workload is less taxing for members and there are specific roles for each member in line achieving with the CWB’s objectives.

“My first task as President,” says Ms McIntyre, “will be to get the committee together for some
strategic planning. We need to be clear on our future direction. I plan to get some input from
members as to what benefits they’d like the Chamber to deliver in the future and to set some new goals for 2010 and beyond”.

New Vice President Caron Egle of Impact Learning and Development agrees. “I’m a relatively
new CWB member and keen to find ways to contribute my individual skills in a way that sustains
CWB in its work supporting business women in the region. It’s a way to contribute to the
community in a new way, enhancing existing ideas and bringing new ideas to the CWB forum.”

Ms McIntyre says that high on the agenda for CWB is to raise awareness in the business
community of the important contribution women in business and individual members make to the region’s economy and workforce. Also important is promoting the new Purple Tick program
aimed at improving the service the region’s businesses give to women. Jean would also like to
find opportunities to help our business women to enhance their skills and strategic relationships
through working with other organisations to deliver skill development and mentoring.

Other new committee members are: Claire Connelly from Papercut (design studio), Meredith
Wright from Daltons Books (returning), Noelia Pinto| Duesburys Nexia, Jacquie Tewes|Sales
Results Australia, Debra Beerworth|Kondinin.

Ms Jean McIntyre, CWB President 6231 1387, 0428-311387
Ms Caron Egle, CWB Vice President 0438-255510

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