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NEHDA 2011’s Win 2010 AAA Tournament!


Congratulations to the NewEdge Prospects 2011 AAA Tournament Team for winning the U12 AAA Tournament in Syracuse, NY. This NEHDA team was the only 2011 birth year team in the 2010 AAA tournament! The team was led by Coach Dave Garofalo and Coach Jeff Topor. NEHDA Prospects (most of which train in NEHDA’s Elite Development Programs) consisted of;

Jax VanThof, Henry Baudo, Brayden Garofalo, Noah Topor, Ray Sember, Ryan Garsin, Brady Weiermiller, Cole Koomen, Bryce Norman, Graeme Hill, Emerson Reynold, Carson Schubmehl
and Colton Walters.

(NEHDA Photo)

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