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Maksymum Hockey Welcomes Excelsior Sports Prep


Maksymum Hockey is proud to welcome Excelsior Sports Prep into the Maksymum Family! Now entering its second year in Rochester, Excelsior Sports Prep continues to inspire enterprising young people to develop the skills necessary to excel in academics, athletics, and all aspects of their future lives.


Maksymum is in its 20th year of operation and will bring an exciting on-ice presence to the hockey practicum while also supporting Excelsior with their full-time administrative staff.


Students at Excelsior will also benefit from sports performance training from Athletic Republic being fully integrated into the school curriculum. Students will have individual programs, daily performance training sessions, supervised nutrition and recovery programs, and supervision from full time Athletic Republic staff members. Students will utilize the skating treadmill, running treadmill, and Nike sensory training as part of their programming.


Finally, and most importantly, the academic program will be vastly improved. The school day will be condensed. The school year will be condensed. There will be a greater emphasis on daily academic progress and an individually structured daily schedule. Students must achieve daily to participate in other activities. Further, we will be adding an enhanced cultural enrichment program that will include field trips and will focus on music, art, history, and other cultural experiences.


The school year is almost here! Please call our office immediately at 585-426-8488 to discuss enrollment.


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