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Joyfully singin' and dancin' in the rain


Adrian Flor, Hanna Ley and Tim Sekuless the perfect trio in Singin'' in the Rain
Singin’in the Rain
The Q Theatre Queanbeyan
Review by Shanna Provost
Free Rain Theatre’s production of Broadway classic Singin’in the Rain is a testament to the dedication of local amateur (read: notpaid but just as professional) theatre. One can’t help but see the hundreds ofhours that have been put into this production by all concerned.

Singers who can dance, dancerswho can act, actors who can dance and sing, an orchestra led byCanberra’s finest conductor Ian McLean-plus real rain are all elementsthat make this production enjoyable.
Directed by Anne Somes, thisadaptation of the 1952 musical is strongly cast (Somes has intuited thepersonalities of her lead characters and matched them with some of thestrongest actors in Canberra).
With some of the mostpopular and memorable Broadway hits including Make ‘Em Laugh, You Are MyLucky Star, You Were Meant for Me, Good Morning and the title tune ablysung, how can they go wrong?
Lexi Sekuless bringscharacter to the seemingly ditzy but ruthless starlet Lina Lamont and herbrother Tim shines as the quirky Cosmo Brown (it’s a Sekuless family affair,with their Aunt Barbara popping inand out of the storyline throughout).
Hannah Ley’s vocals are impressive, and she hits the mark as usual witha strong performance as Kathy Selden. Beats me how such a diminutive woman canhave such a huge presence on stage.
Adrian Flor’s star has been on an upward trajectory and his turn as the allsinging, all dancing actor heart-throb Don Lockwood cements the deal in this,his 30th show. And props to Sekuless, Flor and Ley for tap dancingtheir way through sometimes intricate choreography with only basic tapexperience.
Musical Director Lucy Birmingham and choreographer Annette Sharpe have co-createdsome vitalising ensemble moments, with a closing scene that easily lends itselfto an encore.
Costume designer Fiona Leach must be mentioned for her successful recreation of’20s Hollywood style and Dallas Bland’s homage to 1920s silent films usingstate of the art technology adds another layer to the show.
The occasional orchestral off note and rather static set don’t detract from theoverall delight the show invokes.
Congrats have to go Anne Somes and the entire team: what with 36 cast,18orchestra members and a production crew of around 40 this is no small task.
Singin ‘in the Rain
The Q Theatre, Queanbeyan
From now – 27th February
Tickets$38 adults, $32 concessions
BOOKINGS: 02 6209 0290

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