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Empire Snipers To Offer Spring 2022 Travel Ice Hockey


Good afternoon all,
The Empire Snipers have brought their well established and successful program to ice this spring. With that announcement we want to further clarify how the player and tournament selection process will work for the Empire Snipers. 
Teams will be made based off the players who have completed and submitted the interest form. This enables us to know not only the skill level of the player but the skill level of the team that will be made (which will determine what tournaments that team goes too). We are looking to send teams to appropriate skill level tournaments so all teams can be competitive. Once the team is made we will send out invites in early December to all players selected for that team. The invites will let you know what team and skill level that player is accepted for. We will include what tournaments we are planning on attending with that team as well (this is subject to change as sometimes tournaments get canceled, don’t have enough teams for certain divisions, etc). At that point in time each player will have the opportunity to accept the invitation or decline. 
We hope this clarifies how the process will work. If you are interested in playing for the Empire Snipers this spring you must fill out the interest form by clicking the link below. Please make sure you click submit when you are finished. If you have any further questions please reach out to me.
Thank you

Please Contact Derek Kern with any questions.EmpireSnipersHockey@gmail.com
To Complete Registration Form CLICK HERE

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