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Create Extra Cash in Today's Economic Times

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The past few weeks have appeared to be ‘doom and gloom’ with the meltdown in the United States and its effects on the global economy. Some countries have been hit hard, some have endured the challenges. What does it mean for the consumer?

Many households have been looking at their finances and seeing where they can save in order to meet mortgage payments and other daily living expenses. Others have been seeking additional employment (i.e., job) to create extra cash.

You might not think now is a good time to think about starting a business, but you are wrong. It may not be the best time to quit your job and start a new company, but it is a good time to take a look at your personal skill sets and determine how you can create some cash.

Each day there are many opportunities to create extra cash whether offline or online. Be careful about signing up for ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Always make sure you do due diligence on those companies and the people who run them.

There are many businesses you can start-up and work in on a part-time basis either nights or weekends. Depending on your skill sets, you can list your services on Guru.com or Elance.com. Though highly competitive, you can get access to a global community who are looking for contractors who can work from home.

If the thought of starting something overwhelms you, The WISE Academy is offering a Money Maker Boot Camp October 7th, 8th and 9th teaching people how to make money through creating business opportunities as well as learning the language of money. The workshop also helps you to identify your skill sets to create a business, then market and sell those products and services to the consumer. A very hands-on workshop, it is open to anyone wanting to create extra cash.

For more information, contact The WISE Academy on 6162 0919 or www.thewiseacademy.com.