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Canberra Battery World launches recycling program

Battery World staff member Jared disposes of a used battery in the recycling bin.

Each year 8,000 tonnes of hazardous battery waste ends up in landfill.

In a bid to preserve the environment, Canberra Battery World has launched a recycling program to encourage the community to stop throwing out this hazardous waste in the normal garbage.

A recent Australian Bureau of Statistics report stated that batteries were the most common form of hazardous waste disposed of in Australian households and that 97 per cent disposed of batteries via their usual rubbish collection.

Canberra Battery World franchisee Mark Roberts said as society became more dependent on portable power, batteries were an increasing environmental problem and a long-term plan was needed to limit the amount of battery waste entering landfill.

"The chemicals in batteries are toxic and can contaminate soil and harm wildlife so we don’t want them going into landfill," Mr Roberts said.

"Most batteries can be recycled so we urge the community to be responsible and bring their used batteries to our store so they can be disposed of safely.

“Our store is conveniently located and has parking so it just a matter or quickly popping in and dumping old batteries in the purple-and-yellow Battery World recycling bins, rather than dumping them into the trash which will ultimately harm our environment.”

Canberra Battery World provides this service to consumers free of charge and not only sorts all batteries collected to ensure they go to the correct recycling plants but also arranges delivery of them to the plants.

Battery World is Australia’s largest and most comprehensive retail battery chain which has access to more than 10,000 batteries and accessories. Along with many other items, Battery World can power a range of household, industrial, recreational, marine, technical and cosmetic items and is the most convenient place for customers to obtain all their portable needs.

To locate your local Battery World store please go to www.batteryworld.com.au or call 13 17 60.

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