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Camryn Brownschidle’s Journey at RIT

Cam Brownschidle


Camryn Brownschidle didn’t exactly have the freshman year she had dreamed about having when she decided to attend Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Many thought she would be majoring in the Physician’s Assistant program and playing some D1 hockey for the RIT Tigers.

“By the time I got to school I had been sick all summer,” recalled Brownschidle, who played high school hockey for Monsignor Martin in the WNY Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Federation, where she was captain of the team in her junior and senior years. “I had mono as well as Lyme Disease.

“Lyme Disease is difficult because it is something you will have the rest of your life. For me, it was chronic and a lot of the symptoms were going away.

“But I had to get IV’s twice a week and had to see special doctors, some in Canada and some in the States. It was a journey.

“But my coaches and teammates were super supportive. So I was lucky.”

Camryn Brownschidle as a member of the Monsignor Martin High School Team in 2020 with the WNYGVIH League

Brownschidle admits that it wasn’t the easiest situation to be in, especially if you are a freshman.

“It was really difficult,” stated the daughter of Pauline and Mark Brownschidle and sister of Sydney. “It was hard enough being a freshman and not knowing a lot of people on campus.

“But the hockey team made it better for me and would allow me to come to practice if I felt up to it. My parents were great too. I couldn’t have done any of this. They were both awesome.

“And having my home an hour away from the school was nice. I got to go home a lot, which was nice.”

Despite not having much playing time yet with RIT, Brownschidle has many fond memories of her days at Sacred Heart Academy and playing for Monsignor Martin.

“It was a lot of fun playing for our hockey team, which my dad coached,” remarked Brownschidle, who earned First Team All-WNY honors in her sophomore and senior seasons. “It was a positive experience there.

“Plus, I’m still close with a lot of the friends I made there. That has been awesome.”

Although she wasn’t able to play much hockey, Camryn was able to spend more time focusing on her academics.

“I’m in a tough program (Physician Assistant), but I’ve managed to get through the first year,” said Brownschidle, who played in only five games last season for the Tigers, but it was enough to get her named to the CHA All-Academic Team. “I’m continuing my studies, which are still hard, this year.

“I have to give a lot of credit to my high school for preparing me for handling a tough college academic program.”

Despite her health issues, Camryn is once again on the RIT Tigers roster and has played in just four games to date. Despite everything she is going through, the RIT sophomore has words of advice for students and hockey players still in high school.

“Learn good time management skills, especially if you are playing a sport and going to school at the same time,” advised Brownschidle, who also played hockey for the Buffalo Bisons and was a member of two Bison teams that won State Titles and made two trips to the Nationals. “Figuring that out in high school really helped me when I got to RIT.

“They should get good study habits too. Go that extra mile and get the extra help if you need it. It will help when you get to college.”

Camryn concluded by sending out one final message.

“I don’t think I could have made it this far at RIT if it weren’t for my coaches, teammates, parents, sister and teachers,” concluded the RIT second year player who plays defense. “I couldn’t have done it without their help and support.

“I will always be grateful to them.”

(Photos by Janet Schultz Photography/NY Hockey OnLine)