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Buffalo Shamrocks Add New Clover Hockey League

It has often been said that the only thing that could make the Shamrocks Hockey experience even better would be… MORE SHAMROCKS HOCKEY!
So, here it comes! We are infinitely proud to introduce our new “CLOVER HOCKEY LEAGUE™” (CHL). As with it’s older sibling, the venerable “Shamrocks Hockey League™” (SHL) the premier development circuit for our Mites and Squirts, the CHL will now take it’s rightful place in providing initial and consistent game structure and experience exclusively for our Mite-Novice group level. Years in the making, this league follows in the traditions, philosophies and protocols of the SHL:
*Fun and Safe games played in the environment of perspective and encouragement
*Development based
*Exclusively played ‘in-house’
*Regular season, playoffs and championship tilt
*Original Four Teams (can expansion be far behind…?)
*The 48 Hour Rule is in effect
*Very special teams with specific rosters and jerseys
*Mite-Novice Players will continue to be assigned to SHL teams as needed
*NEW – Learn-to-Skaters now eligible to be ‘called up’ to play in the CHL as needed
…and so much more!
*Rosters/Game Schedules will be forwarded by separate email 
The board of directors and the staff of instructors remain dedicated to delivering the very best product, meeting standards and surpassing expectations, and the CHL will provide that next step for the benefit and advantage of our Shamrocks.
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