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3ICE Launches Two Campaigns



NEW YORK –3ICE, the new and totally independent, three-on-three professional ice hockey league that begins play in North America next year, this week launched its online merchandise store and debuted its first-ever advertising campaign featuring hockey’s On The Bench personalities.

The in-house creation titled Conference Room features Steve Campbell and Ryan Russell, better known for their internet-famous On The Bench personas, Olly Postanin and Jacob Ardown, as well as 3ICE CEO E.J. Johnston in a campaign-pitching session about the new league and its logo.

“We had a fantastic time filming this and other soon-to-be-released ads with the guys from On The Bench,” said Johnston. “It’s pretty difficult to keep a straight face with them in the room, but we know how much they love hockey and our targeted demographic loves them. It was a no-brainer for us to partner with Jacob and Olly.”

“If E.J. and the rest of the 3ICE executives do exactly what we tell them, this league will rock out one shift at a time and get pucks to the net. Forecheck, backcheck, paycheque,” said Ardown. “Duh,” added Postanin.

While the logo pitched in the spot is ultimately not the final version, the real logo seen adorned on the jersey throughout the advertisement is now available on merchandise via 3ICE.com. Sweatshirts, hats and tee-shirts are available for women, men and children in various colors and styles. Free shipping is available through the end of June to celebrate the launch.

The inaugural 3ICE season will take place during the summer of 2021. The league will consist of eight teams with each consisting of seven players – six skaters and one goalie – and a head coach. Overall, every season will see a total of 60 games per season played over nine tour stops, culminating in a final league championship game, giving fans the ultimate hockey experience.


About 3ICE: 3ICE is a new and totally independent three-on-three professional ice hockey league in North America, created by CEO E.J. Johnston. Designed to give fans the speed, skill and excitement they love 100% of the time, the on-ice action moves at an unprecedented pace showcasing the best part of hockey. 3ICE will begin competitive play in the summer of 2021. 3ICE will consist of eight teams. For more information, visit www.3ICE.com.   

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