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Without Prejudice


Without Prejudice by award winning wrtier Christos Tsiolkas
World premiere Street Independent
Aberrant Theatre in association with The Street Theatre presents Without Prejudice, two works by Christos Tsiolkas directed by Catherine Langman

A middle-aged man paces a police lockup. A young boy faces interrogation. Who gets to decide what really happened between them?
An ordinary family of Aussie battlers eagerly await the arrival of their new son, a war-orphan ordered over the Internet. But little Mohammed/Brad turns out to be not quite what they ordered!

Without Prejudice is a double bill of one-act plays, Carburettor and The Trauma Report, by acclaimed Australian writer Christos Tsiolkas (Loaded, The Jesus Man, Dead Europe). Carburettor, first seen in the 2005 hit show Six Pack, is Tsiolkas’ searing portrayal of a taboo relationship and its aftermath. In the surreal, comic carnage of his new work The Trauma Report, Tsiolkas turns the microscope on the terrorist in all of us.
By turns bitingly funny, menacing and tender, Without Prejudice brings an electrifying, no-holds-barred night of theatre to The Street.
WRITER Christos Tsiolkas
DIRECTOR Catherine Langman

Location Street 2
Preview Wed May 30
Season Dates 31 May – 16 June
Meet The Makers Tues 5 June @ 6pm

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