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When Children Love To cook. See U-tube


My daughter recently showed an interest in cooking. She’s only 11 but she really enjoys cooking. She is more competent in the kitchen than I am (which isn’t all that hard) and has produced some wonderful food and meals for us.

She also wanted to share her experiences with other like minded people and spoke to me at length about what she could do. I suggested that we used a Blog (weBLOG) to document her attempts.

This has proven quite successful and she has written up several recipes to share with the world at large.

Her Blog can be viewed at:

Over Christmas, she decided that she wanted to add video to her blog and twisted Dad’s arm into videoing her making a Baked Sponge Pudding. The results were astounding.

The question that I have asked myself continually during all of this, is whether an 11 Year Old should have access to the Kitchen and associated appliances. Our experience is, that as long as we are physically there to monitor the activity, there is certainly no problem with the process. However, we are extremely careful about ensuring that this is something she WANTS to do, as opposed to something she feels she HAS to do.

This experience for my daughter should be a rewarding one, and so far it has been.

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