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Time for Disclosure


Due to a very successful debunking campaign since for over 60 years the words ‘UFO’, ‘Flying Saucer’ and ‘Extraterrestrial’ have invited ridicule, laughter, even harassment…until now.

With the Internet, Freedom of Information and a new generation of free thinkers, there is a rapidly growing movement to have world Governments disclose what they know about UFOs & ETs and to declassify the advanced energy production and propulsion technologies they have developed from recovered ‘flying saucers’, and yes they are very real.

“Not only has the alien secret been closely guarded, it has been ruthlessly enforced.” The Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada.

Part 1 – It Doesn’t get any Better.
See the amazing 2 hour Disclosure DVD revealing the testimony of dozens of Government, Intelligence & Military witnesses who come forward to discuss UFO events and projects from their first hand experience.

With commentary by Disclosure Project founder Dr. Steven Greer, see current and ex-employees from the NSA, CIA, Pentagon, US military, FBI, NRO and NASA, plus private contractors working on ‘black-budget’ projects – Col. Phillip Corso, head of foreign technology, The Pentagon; Professor Ted Loder; Lt. Col. Charles Brown, USAF pilot, Project Grudge Investigator; John Callahan, senior FAA official (accidents and investigations); Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, former astronauts; Merle Shane Mc Dowel, US Navy, Top Secret SCI clearance, Zebra Badge; Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin, National Guard, JAG Eisenhower, White House.and many more.

This film is a great start for those who wish to bridge the credibility gap once and for all.

Part 2 – Guest Presenter from Queensland, Diane Harrison/Frola.
Internationally recognised UFO researcher Diane Frola is a positive and vibrant lady. Diane is editor of ‘Hard Evidence’ magazine and co-editor of the ‘Ufologist’ magazine as well as the National Director of the Australian UFO Research Network (AUFORN) which links the Australian UFO community and encourages the sharing of UFO information between groups. In 1998, Diane and her husband Robert Frola, started a UFO Free Call National Report a UFO Hotline: 1800 77 22 88. Diane has also appeared in TV, radio and newspaper interviews.

In 2001 she was invited to be the representative for the Disclosure Project (USA). She opted instead to start the Australian Disclosure Project in 2002. In 2003 Diane co-hosted the first ‘International Scientific & Metaphysical Symposium’ in Brisbane. In June 2007, Diane and Robert will host the 2nd I.S.M.S. Conference in Sydney.

“I think it’s long past time to open this up to the public.” Edgar Mitchell, Apollo astronaut.

Part 3 – The Implications and What we can do About it.
In the third part of this event we discuss some of the implications resulting from full disclosure, including – ending poverty, unlimited clean energy production, world peace, commerce, religious & spiritual, ending pollution, and much more. No politician will risk taking the lead on this. It must come from, indeed, it IS coming from ordinary people. Learn how we as responsible citizens can, and must, lead the leaders. Now is the time for disclosure!

TIME: 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm
COST: $60 includes light refreshments
VENUE: Om Shanti College, upstairs Griffith Shops, Barker St., ACT
BOOKINGS & INQUIRIES: Grant Robb, 0422 957 422

This event is not backed by any particular religious, scientific, political or other groups.

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