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The truth about the BNTS kangaroos

Not starving, but now dead!

Nora’s desire for a Wildlife Sanctuary at the BNTS is commendable, but would have needed an enlightened government and population to happen and unfortunately Canberra appears to have neither. 

There were unfortunately far more than a hundred roos on the site, but they were doing much less damage than the housing estate is going to cause. The site is also reported to be contaminated with heavy metals and PCBs – is the indecent haste to exterminate the roos and hide their bodies anything to do with that?  It might be costing $3.5 million dollars to kill them but it would have cost less than a million to relocate them – and they were not starving – pity that so many people believed the official lies.

For more information, and pictures of the taxpayer-funded cruelty that is occurring on a daily basis, visit: www.kangaroolives.com/ and www.canberraroos.com

People who are cruel to animals find it much easier to be cruel to people than do those who understand how important the natural world is to a healthy and sane society, and who treat all living and feeling beings with compassion. We need nature much more than it needs us.

What Canberra desperately needs at the moment is decent soaking long-lasting rain and a decent goverment. Sacrificing all those kangaroos isn’t going to get you either.

When the Bush Capital becomes a boring collection of housing estates, shopping centres, dead animals and dead and dying trees linked by ugly roads perhaps you will regret being so heartless and apathetic – or maybe not? You can always watch what’s left of nature on tele.


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