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The Most Livable Cities of the World are in Australia

The most beautiful city in the world... and the winner is Melbourne!
The most beautiful city in the world... and the winner is Melbourne!

Economist Intelligence Team regularly announces the Ranking of Global Livability of various cities all around the globe. Top Australian cities that attained the top ten list of most livable cities in 2011 are Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Vancouver topped the scale and earned the name as the top livable city in the world. This time, Melbourne took over Vancouver as the top most livable city in the world. Apart from top ranking, 3 more cities are also in the top 10 list, making Australia to be topmost livable country competing with Canada.

The survey panel scored different cities of the world based on many prominant factors like public safety from government, health care quality, public safety from illegal activities, living cost, level of censorship, food & drinks, cultural availability, corruption level, consumer goods and services, transportation quality, quality of education, public utilities and services quality, condition of weather, and quality of private utilities & services. The lifestyle ensured by these global cities are categorized into 5 major categories – Healthcare (20%), Education (10%), Culture & Environment (25%), Stability (25%), and Infrastructure (20%).

The Economist Livability Index 2011

The respected top spot as the top livable city was earned by Vancouver last year. In 2010, Vancouver was selected as the most livable city with elevated scores mainly because it hosted Paralympics and Winter Olympics in 2010. Infrastructure and cultural & environmental category scores have boosted the city ofVancouver as the hosting city obviously made dramatic changes. A lot of spending was made in security measures as well and this too leaded Vancouver to higher on the list. Yet, after a year, Vancouver drops down the rank and Melbourne makes its way to the lead as the most livable place in the world.

Melbourne actually was ranked numerous times as the most livable city by Intelligence Team of Economist. It is not a thing to be amazed that Melbourne has the highest score as the most livable city, since it offers public safety, weather, healthcare quality, low level corruption, quality education, public cultural activities, and proper infrastructure. The Australian Government has taken several steps over the years to improve the living quality in Melbourne.

  • Australians are able to afford comfortable housing in the city. In Melbourne, citizems choose private rental dwellings compared to other cities
  • The use of energy and water is dramatically trimmed that also is decreasing the price of living, thanks to green initiate taken by the Government of Australia
  • Melbourne enahnced its transportation infrastructure and so, public and private transport facility has improved. Government of Australia has heavily invested in improving infrastructure. Among the many cities of Australia, public transport system of Melbourne is heavily utilized.
  • Melbourne was capable to as well reduce Oil and Mortgage Vulnerability
  • The efforts of Government of Australia to enhance industry of healthcare in Melbourne have paid off as patients flow from various cities and countries for advanced medical treatment in Melbourne

Even tough, Melbourne is the topmost livable city in the globe, many other cities of Australia also earned the top 10 livability rankings. Adelaide, Perth, and Sydney are also in list of top 10 cities to live. These Australian cities always find their way to grab to the top most livable cities in the world. Though in current times, not in list, but Brisbane is a livable city also in the world and ranked top 10 during the 2002-2004 period. Australian Government is initiating all the important measures to enhance living environment, economic activity, and infrastructure and so, many Australian cities have ranked high this time. To Economist, these cities have consistently higher living standard comparing to various cities of the world. The service industry as well as demand for the cities of Australia are also enhancing at a fast pace, which are contributing to the livability rank.

However, the reputation of this livability index is also questionable. Like Canada, Australia is also making itself to the top most position as it is crime-less, safety hazard less, and violence-less news genrating country. The positive factors of Australia has led to worldwide recognition as the best place to live after heaven. For the people of many low livable cities in Americas, Europe, and Asia, Australian Permanent Residency, Australian Visa, and Australian Immigration is a very desireable thing.

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