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Stomp Goes To Rio!


The Kokoloco girls will be performing at Stomp.
Is the cold getting you down, would you rather be in Rio? Then you need to head to the next Stomp dance party!

“The Stomp” is a cooperative project organised by a group of volunteers from the local dance community and the Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin. This time Stomp is getting out the feathers, sequins and maracas as the Rio Carnaval comes to the Albert Hall, on Saturday the 12th of May.

The disastrous Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 was the catalyst to run the first Stomp dance. It raised $4000 and helped get a Sri Lankan fishing village back to work with new boats. Since then dancers of all styles have enjoyed Stomp every 3 months, so far raising over $18,000! The money is dedicated to needy charities nominated by the Rotary Club.

Before winter sets in, Stomp is heating up the Canberra night as we head to South America and join in the famous Rio Carnaval. Annie and the Armadillos will set feet on fire as they once again entertain the Stompers with their own special brand of music. A wide range of DJ music has been selected to complement the breaks in the live music. The Stomp team is also putting together some exciting surprises that will make the “Rio Carnaval” one hot night.

The Stomp is a night of great live music, professional dance performances, dance competitions, the odd surprise and of course, lots of dancing. The Stomp tries to cater for the broadest array of dance styles and you will certainly see plenty of swing, ceroc, rock and roll, Latin and ballroom styles. Each Stomp begins with complementary dance classes enabling you to expand your dance knowledge – Stomp is the ultimate event for any enthusiastic dancer!

Tickets are just $20 for over 5 hours of dance entertainment and are available from the website www.thestomp.org.

So if you are keen to support local charity and have a great time, write this date in your diary – 12th May 2007, get out your feathers and finery and round up your friends, because the “Rio Carnaval” is heating up the Canberra night!

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