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By Ingrid Shroud
Unique spirit guided meditations- A spirit guided meditation is a great way to expand your awareness and increase relaxation and a sense of emotional control as you journey to the ‘spirit world’. Ingrid guides you through a magical and empowering journey of consciousness. A casual ‘drop-in’ group of like minded people, relaxing and empowering themselves through meditation. There are no terms or registration, rather a relaxed and welcoming regular gathering.
Meditation every Wednesday 7:30 -9:30pm $10
Owing to increased numbers, our meditation group will now be held every Wednesday at The centre of Natural and Alternative Therapies Ross Smith Drive, Scullin Shops

Tarot/Clairvoyant readings
Ingrid offers a unique insight into your aura and the spirit helpers around you. A reading is a good investment when needing confirmation on decisions you may be making or to see what opportunities may be around you or coming up!
Energy exchange $90
Spirit Healings- This a unique, relaxing and almost hypnotic experience with your conscious, subconscious and the unconscious, helping uncover and break patterns and blocks in our lives. Chakra clearing, inner child work, trauma release, past life regressions or whatever your spirit and guides communicate during the session. Ingrid works with crystals, colour and breathing technigues. A unique healing and unforgettable experience. Energy exchange $90

Ka Huna Massage- A holistic and rhythmical Polynesian Bodywork based within the structures of the 7 Ka Huna Principles, this unique massage works along your Lymphatic System stimulating, cleansing and rejuvenating your body. The Aloha Spirit, with its unique movement and music, delivers a trance-like element during your time of bliss and the journey of self discovery through your body, mind and soul.
Energy Exchange$90

Psychic Development Groups and workshops- Ingrid has a passion to help educate sensitive people and has designed a unique group program that helps you discover your own abilities through a series of exercises. Allow yourself to discover various methods of divination from aura and candle readings to a quick introduction to tarot and oracle cards and crystals. The groups are held every Tuesday night for eight weeks with a maximum of ten people (bookings essential) alternatively you make like to take a whole day and enjoy a dynamic workshop filled with surprises to help you realise and feel your full Psychic and Spiritual potential.
Groups $20 every Tuesday or $140 for early payment
Commencing: Tuesday 20th Feb. 7pm
Intensive day Development $160
Commencing: Saturday 24th March 9:30-530
Treat yourself, call Ingrid today on 0409608173

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