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SEO Common Mistakes – How to Avoid Them and Solutions


There are several very common SEO mistakes those are being made (either knowingly or unknowingly) by webmasters/site owners/SEO Professionals. These mistakes can affect negatively in the SERP (Search Engine Result Positioning) listings.
Some of the most common SEO mistakes are listed bellow with their possible Solutions:
No use of HTML Title TAG:
While HTML Title Tag is one of the most important HTML Tag for telling search engines about that page contents still it falls into one of the most ignored SEO elements. Mostly people do the following mistakes with HTML Title Tag
No use of HTML title tag at all
Same title tag for all pages
Incorrectly use of title tags
Solution: Always use unique and (Keyword / Phrases) rich HTML Title for each and every page of a website. Try to Keep the Title within 90 Characters length.
Uncrawlable websites – JavaScript or flash
Uncrawlable means search engine cannot navigate within a website. Search Engines are all based on information manipulation and if a search engine cannot navigate through a website that means it cannot read all your website pages resulting in inability of search engines to retrieve, save and show all the information from your website. Mostly the Uncrawlable issue arises from JavaScript links/navigation and flash based navigation / flash based full website.
Solution: Always use Plain HTML Links with HTML A hyperlink TAG. Try to use minimum Flash, use it only for some header animation or some animation and avoid creating navigation in flash.
Duplicate content
Never use duplicate content on website. Duplicate content may include intentionally using same content on multiple pages of website or trying to use some stolen text from other websites onto your website. If search engines caught you in the act of using some other website content, they can strictly penalize you instead of promoting.
Solution: Always write original content. It’s bett er not to write any text than to copy some other websites text.
Multiple Domains with Single Hosting
This is a very common that people buy many domains for a single business presentation like com, net,.info,.co.uk ext. buying domains is not an issue unless same hosting is used for all domains.
Solution: you should use 301 Redirects for all domains and as soon the secondary domain is accessed by someone, it should automatically 301 redirect to main domain. Failing to do so will likely result in them being seen as different Domains with the same content, resulting in Duplication issues.
Poor Keywords research
Keyword research is the foundation of whole SEO Process. SEO process start with finding out the right keywords and the process success depends on reaching right SERP (Search Engine Result positioning) for those keywords on Main search engines. If somebody chooses wrong keywords, it means it’s going in wrong direction and he/she would not reach the destination.
Hidden text
Avoid Hidden text in HTML. Extensive use of CSS techniques that hide text can be mistaken for spamming. Avoid nearly hidden text as well as text that are of the same color as text background.
Web Page File Name
Web page file name is a potential way to tell search engines about the page keywords. Therefore a person not using Keyword/phrase rich filename is losing some SEO strength for the keyword of that page. Avoid spaces, replacing them with hyphen (-) is good practice.
Avoid HTML Frames
Avoid HTML frames!!! Most major search engines do not support them and if you do include them in your web pages then you can actually restrict your listing potential, doing your site more damage than good. So it’s better to avoid HTML Frames.
No Sitemap
Sitemap is the quickest way to inform search engines about all your site internal pages. Sitemap expedite the search engine page indexing process and it also h elps search engines finding pages that can’t be accessed through page links crawling.
Not using Keywords in anchor text
Links are the most important factor of the SEO Process. Either sites Internal links or external links all must use proper keywords / Phrase in their anchor text.
Bad neighborhoods
Google says: “avoid links to web spammers or “bad neighborhoods” on the web, as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links”. Therefore need to be very careful in selecting which site link can be placed on your site.
Lack of Keywords usage in content
“Content is King” is a very famous SEO Phrase. Keywords rich content is essential. Distinguish the keywords by using HTML H1, H2, STRONG, B tags.

Muhammad Munnan Sabir is senior SEO Analyst for SEO Lahore Pakistan. A1SOL is result oriented SEO Pakistan Company and providing internet marketing / promotions to its valued clients that can help generate huge traffic to your site and build strong identity online.

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