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Road Calm


Road Calm

Easter’s nearly on us –
A well-earned break for most.
Like half the folk of Canberra I’ll be heading for the coast.

The weekend should be fun –
A fillip for the soul,
But Tuesday we’ll be reading of the National Road Toll.

It sounds a trifle grim –
I hope that I’m wrong too,
But if you are the driver then it’s really up to you!

Two hours to Bateman’s Bay,
But please, for heaven’s sake,
It’s better to take three than try that risky overtake!

Just listen to a tape,
Enjoy the countryside,
And if you get there two hours late there should still be a tide.

I just don’t get ‘road rage’ –
It does no good, just harm –
I’d rather take the smart approach, the one I call ‘road calm’.

Oh, let the “doof-doof” in,
It’s clear he cannot drive,
But with a helpful attitude we’ll all remain alive.

So if the traffic’s slow,
Don’t let yourself get tense,
Just tolerate the idiots and drive with common sense.

So have a Good Friday
And think of what I’ve said .
‘Cause there is just one bloke I know who got up from the dead!

© Neil Dunn, 29/3/99.

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