Record 360 Census Collector jobs available in the ACT


    The Australian Bureau of Statistics is looking for a record 360 Census Collectors in the ACT to help conduct the Census on 9 August 2011.

    These Collectors will join an army of 29,000 Collectors nationally who will pound the pavement to deliver and collect approximately 14.2 million Census forms to Australia’s 9.8 million households.

    Living locally in the Woden Valley for the past two decades, Area Supervisor Alan Hodges has left behind his extraordinary Australian Army resume to join the Census Army instead.

    Alan served in the Australian army for an impressive 38 years and left the army with the rank of Brigadier. He then took up the role of Director General Emergency Management Australia.

    Alan enjoyed his time in the Census trenches so much during the 2006 Census that he has signed up for another tour of duty.

    “It’s the team work with my group of Collectors that I liked so much.”

    “Working on the Census is very much a positive experience for everyone – being a real part of history in the making,” Alan Hodges says.

    With strong roots in the community, including a board position with Communites@Work, Alan Hodges is looking for quality Census Collectors.

    “I’m really looking for good local Collectors who know their region and want to serve their community while earning some extra cash,” Alan adds.

    “I guarantee that they’ll get a great deal of satisfaction out of it.”

    Census Collectors will receive between $1,300 and $2,800 for the casual position and will be employed from 1 July until 8 September 2011.

    Applications are open from 9 April until 5 May. Apply online at or call 1800 420 182.

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