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Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial offers the opportunity for all Australians to experience a significant part of history and nationhood.


It is open daily. Entry is free, although donations are encouraged to assist in maintaining the collection.

Must sees:

Colonial Conflicts
First World War 1914-1918
Second World War 1939-1945
Conflicts 1945 to today
The dioramas
The Hall of Valour
Aircraft Hall
The Discovery Zone

Special places:

The entrance and commemorative courtyard
The Hall of Memory
The Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier
The Sculpture Garden

ACT mobile payment company FINALIST in Mobile Marketing and Advertising Awards

mHITs - pay by SMS!

mHITs FINALIST in Mobile Marketing and Advertising Awards 2008

mHITs (pronounced Em-HITS) is a finalist in two categories of the Australian Mobile Marketing & Advertising Awards 2008. The two categories are m-commerce and B2B or Enterprise Category.

“This is the 4th consecutive year that mHITs has been nominated as a finalist in the MMA Awards” said managing director Mr Harold Dimpel. ““mHITs fills a much-needed gap in the marketplace for making small payments including retail point of sale payments and uses simple SMS technology to do so.  The mHITs payment service offers businesses (merchants) a single account where payments can be collected by mobile, internet and Point Of Sale transactions" he continues.

The winner of the category will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held in Sydney on 19 September 2008.

The MMA Award for m-commerce recognises an application, business solution, event or campaign where mobile phones have been utilised as an integral component of a financial transaction. The m-commerce category recognises:

• Purchasing of goods and services
• Banking and financial institution applications, services and transactions
• Ticketing
• Sales redemption coupons
• Bar codes
• Payment for mobile content
• Purchase order that directly converted to a confirmed sale
• And any other m-commerce financial transaction

The MMA Award for B2B or Enterprise Application is to recognise a business or B2B event or campaign where mobile or wireless was used for SOHO, SME or corporate communications. This may include business critical applications, internal communications, service or supply -chain information, informative messages and trade/external channel promotions.

about the MMA Awards
Now in year six, the ADMA MMA Awards is run by the Australian Direct Marketing Association and sits with ADMA’s Mobile Marketing Council. ADMA has actively promoted responsible use of mobile marketing with the launch of the Mobile Marketing Code of Conduct in 2003. Visit www.mmaawards.com for more details of the awards.

what is mHITs?
mHITs is the next step in the evolution of making payments.

mHITs is a person-to-person (p2p) payment system which uses a mobile phone as the transaction device. Users send and receive money via SMS text message and can make payments instantly between any Australian mobile phone. Users can also make purchases from mHITs merchants such as mobile content, MP3 and other electronic downloads, make purchases for goods and services from Internet websites. Other applications include parking, taxi fare payment, charity donations and cash back offers.

Visit www.mhits.com.au. All new users currently receive an immediate $5 cash sign-on bonus.

how it works?
mHITs works by users sending SMS text messages to interact with the mHITs server. Payments can be made to other mHITs users, and can also be made to unregistered users. More money can be added from any bank account, or money can be moved out of the system back into a bank account.

mHITs users can pay each other, purchase goods and services from mHITs merchants, and make BPAY payments

what does mHITs stand for?
mHITs stands for mobile Handset Initiated Transactions and was first launched in 2004 as a platform for delivering pre-paid mobile re-charge vouchers via SMS. The service was re-launched in May 2006 as a person-to-person payment system. A merchant facility allows business to accept payments from mHITs users.

contact details
For more details, visit www.mhits.com.au or contact Harold Dimpel on 0410 622 272 or via email at harold@mhits.com.au.

mHITs Limited
ABN 82 107 753 613
Canberra Technology Park
49 Phillip Avenue, Watson ACT 2602 Australia T: 02 6223 2023
F: 02 6242 5090
E: info@mhits.com.au
W: www.mhits.com.au


Joined In Life and Death: The first recorded gay couple

Illustration from photograph ©1999 Greg Reeder

Four millennia before the Californian Supreme Court overturned its ban on same-sex marriage and Ellen DeGeneres wed her girlfriend Portia de Rossi, two manicurists of Ancient Egypt won social acceptance for their homosexual relationship.

Since the Tomb of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep was discovered in 1964 in the Necropolis of Saqqara at Memphis on the West bank of the Nile, debate has raged as to what relationship they shared as it is extremely rare to find two men of equal status buried together.

The key to this mystery lies in the Wall paintings covering the inside of the tomb,
which show the two men repeatedly pictured together, sometimes holding hands, sometimes with their arms around each other. In two of these murals they are shown with noses touching, the most intimate embrace permitted in Egyptian art at the time.

Although the tomb has been studied, very little has been written about it. A fact Egyptologist Greg Reeder, a contributing editor to the Egyptology Journal KMT, is planning on changing.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Mr Reeder said Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep adopt poses which are strikingly similar to male-female married couples on other tombs of that era. “Same-sex desire must be considered as a probable explanation,” he said, though he admits it is impossible to be sure. “We can only say for certain that the carvings show a profound intimacy between the two men, and the people who built the tomb were possibly unsure how to portray this.”
Opponents say that Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep could have been twins, conjoined twins or blood relatives, such as brothers, because of the similarities between the two names.

“The danger is that people want to find positive (homosexual) images in the past and it is very hard for modern European eyes to resist seeing the images as homoerotic,” Richard Parkinson, assistant keeper in the department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum, said to The Sunday Times. “I doubt myself that this is one of them, simply because we have no other evidence of male-male relationships being commemorated.”

Niankhkhnum means “joined in life” and Khnumhotep means “joined to the blessed state of the dead”. Together the names can be translated as “joined in life and joined in death” and although it was not unheard of for Egyptians to change their names later in life, the two men also share the same title, “Overseer of Manuscripts to the Pharaoh”. As such they were responsible for the Pharaoh’s hands and among the privileged few allowed to touch the ruler.

Even though Niankhkhnum was known to be married, the hieroglyphs that tell their stories still fail to mention their relationship. In a scene where the two men share a final banquet before their journey into the afterlife, Niankhkhnum’s wife has been plastered over and Khnumhotep’s spouse fails to make an appearance at all.

Mr Reeder said that in this banquet scene, Khnumhotep occupies the place normally associated with wives and that hints of homosexual relationships, commonplace in ancient Greece and Rome, have been found in Egyptian Papyruses.

“Same-sex desire existed just behind the ideal façade constructed by the ancients” he stated at a speech in Dallas in 1998, noting that it is often difficult to find the right words to talk about sexuality in ancient times “…Gay’ is too loaded. ‘Homosexual is too modern, so you have to speak in terms of their relationship to one another” He said.

Although their ancient ancestors were known for their sexual customs, which included incest to keep the royal blood pure, current Egyptian laws that ban any homosexual activity, have made it impossible for gay tourist operators to target the site.

Thomas Dowson, an independent scholar formerly at Manchester University, told The Sunday Times: “I have absolutely no problem if we have evidence of same-sex unions in the past that is used to challenge the homophobia of our society today, though that doesn’t mean we play fast and loose with the data.”

The tomb was restored by German Archeologists in the late 1970’s, opened to the public in 1990 and ever since has attracted a lot of gay tourists.

“I think it is beautiful, but if it became too big, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Egyptian authorities closed it down,” Dowson said.

Monsters create drama!


Canberra Youth Theatre is enrolling now for two action packed school holiday drama workshops.

Who: 7-9 year olds           
What: MONSTER MAGIC is perfect for you if you want to create  your own monster. Play games and let your imagination fly as you develop characters and tell stories in a magical  monster world that you will create. There will be a short performance at the end of the week.
Where:  C Block Theatre, Gorman House, Braddon
When:   10am-3pm
 29 September- 3 October 2008
Cost:*      $230.00/child (member) $245.00/ child (non member)
 *Sibling/friend discount available
What to Bring:   Snacks, Lunch & a Drink Bottle (no access to shops)
What to Wear: Warm clothes you can Muck Up in.
Who: 10-12 year olds
What: This workshop will get you moving as you play games, create characters and explore the art of  storytelling using martial arts, body percussion and creative movement.
There will be a short performance at the end of the week.
Where:   C Block Theatre, Gorman House, Braddon
When:   10am-3pm
 7-10 October 2008
Cost:*   $185.00/child (member) $200.00/child (non member)
 *Sibling/friend discount available
What to Bring:Snacks, Lunch & a Drink Bottle (no access to shops)
What to Wear:   Warm clothes you can Muck Up in.
For enrolments or more information contact us@cytc.net or call 6248 5057 www.cytc.net  

A bit of political advertising


A bit of political advertising

Advertising government services is never a problem at any time. But advertising near elections which has a clear political intent (usually a politician’s photo and text) is not on. The ACT Government and Canberra: taking action on climate change together brochure (which tumbled out of my newspaper) with a smiling Jon Stanhope picture is clearly political and surely in breach of caretaker provisions too (if not, it should be).

The unremitting ACTEWAGL ads about Cotter Dam etc (that are marginally informative) are also political too as are the ACTEWAGL solar power station proposals and its timing. The matey arrangement between the Labor Party and the ACTEWAGL CEO Michael Costello (a former staffer) wouldn’t explain this extraordinary coincidence would it?


Late night dining at its best in Canberra's CBD.

Confit of duck leg with blackberry reduction, served on smoked

French training has led Casino Canberra’s Executive Chef to develop a French inspired menu.

Ian Farnsworth, previously Executive Chef of the well known and highly awarded Meeting Place Restaurant in Canberra, has been pleasing diners at The Grill Restaurant at Casino Canberra for over 12 months.

Over that time he has served up menu options that make it difficult to choose what to have leaving the only logical choice – to keep going back to steadily work ones way through the menu. Or should I say menus – plural. There is an a-la-carte menu, a brasserie menu and, thanks to one of his very talented Asian chefs, an authentic Asian menu with recipes borrowed from the Chef’s Chinese grandmother.

Both the Brasserie menu and the authentic Asian menu are available up to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays and, not to be too far behind, the a-la-carte menu is available up to 12am. This is perfect for those who want to take in a show at the near by Canberra Theatre or Royal Theatre
and then opt for a late night dining experience at the Casino.

When next at the Casino, try the sugar cured lamb loin, served on lyonnaise potato puffs with buttered eschalot confit and raspberry coulis. Follow this with the sauternes and poached pear jelly served with a watermelon granita. Or, if it is after midnight, try the meat ball soup, with coriander and bean noodles.

There is plenty of parking under the adjacent National Convention Centre and for information on the Casino’s live band schedule go to www.casinocanberra.com.au.

New a la carte menu.

Sugar cured lamb loin, served on lyonnaise potato puffs with
buttered eschalot confit and a raspberry coulis


Duck liver Parfait, with drambui glaze, toasted brioche and
mustard fruits


Pork char sui, served on pickled Chinese cabbage and shitaki
mushroom confit with sweet saki reduction


Seared kangaroo loin served with sweet potato and pontiac
gallette, roast buttered carrots and bitter chocolate sauce


Confit of duck leg with blackberry reduction, served on smoked
speck cassoulet


Roast rump of lamb served on a bed of ratatouille with
tomato butter coulis and Bordeaux jus


Fillet of Blue eye Cod served on saffron mustard potatoes
with an olive and tomato compot


Turkey breast fillet wrapped in stezza pancetta, stuffed
with mushroom and chestnut duxelle served on Honey roast
root vegetables with cranberry jus


Beetroot, ricotta and marjoram ravioli; served in a roast root
vegetable broth with baby spinach


Baked Atlantic Salmon, with a herb dijon crust, served on a
roquet, fennel, orange and roast almond salad with spiced
orange dressing


Char grilled sirloin of beef with stuffed field mushrooms, parsnip
and horseradish puree, served with a grain mustard jus



Sauternes and poached pear jelly served with watermelon granita


Crepe Suzette, classic vanilla crepes, grand marnier glaze
and orange confit


Mille Feuille- Roquefort shortbread, layered between vanilla
mascapone and cointreau steeped berry compot


Australian and imported cheese plate, crackers
and macerated fruit


Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon

Melbourne Cup Day Launcheon $45 per person


Put a group together and book a table or two at Casino Canberra’s Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon. For betting, the Casino’s TAB opens at 8am.

$45 Per person…unlimited visits

Fresh basket of breads with herb and garlic butter
Antipasto platter of char grilled and marinated vegetables, olives and cheeses
Freshly made soup of the day

Chicken breast w preserved lemon, thyme & verjuice glaze
Penne prima vera, with fresh Mediterranean vegetables and Napoli sauce
Roast leg of lamb, marinated in rosemary and mustard, served with traditional jus
Market fresh fish served with baby spinach and a tarragon cream reduction

Roast potato salad with crisp bacon, sour cream and chives
Warm salad of roast root vegetables, roquet and paprika vinaigrette
Salad of baby spinach, caramelized onion, glazed pumpkin and hazelnuts, served with a dijon mustard vinaigrette
Mesclun salad, with slow roasted tomatoes, goats fetta, and mustard glazed pear.

Selection of cakes and slices, with fresh cream and spiced berry compote
Selection of Australian and imported cheeses, with crackers and macerated fruit
Fresh fruit salad with burnt lime and mint syrup

Bookings phone 62577074


Comedy Night

AUSTEN TAYSHUS Comedy Night. Book now for Chistmas 62577074

For three decades Austen Tayshus has been in the forefront of Australian stand-up. His highly controversial and non-compromising approach polarises his audiences.

Described as a drunken yobbo’s worst nightmare, someone who can out gross you, out yell you and out last you, Austen Tayshus walks a skilful line between the truly offensive and the truly funny.

Highly provocative, politically incorrect, innovative, improvisational and unsettling. Don’t miss Austen Tayshus live, and be prepared to laugh and cringe the night away.

Friday 5 December Casino Canberra. To book for show only or dinner and show. Call Casino Canberra today.


Socialist Alternative meetings


 Socialist Alternative meets every Thursday at 6 pm in Room G 52 of the Haydon Allen Building ANU.  The meeting on Thurs 11 September is an educational on Trade Unions.

Reading Diane Fieldes ‘From exploitation to resistance and revolt: the working class’ Tom Bramble ‘Managers of discontent


Visit www.sa.org.au or email canberra @sa.org.au


We'll Help You Build a Business – and Re-Gain Control of Your Life!

Great Lifestyle!

We have all envied those people who somehow ‘got lucky’ and ended up with their own business. What do we envy? Sure, the money is great, but more than that there is no limit to their earnings – their efforts can lead to their income in a way that can’t be matched by a desk job.

q  Want a great holiday? Work that little bit harder and you can do it.

q  Want to upgrade your car? Add a couple of extra clients and you can achieve it easily.

What’s more, these people also have an enviably private life. A good business that practically runs itself, and financial concerns few and far between. And when you have integrated your business into your life, traditional working hours start to look seriously old fashioned. Want to spend the morning with the kids? No problem, switch to voicemail and go. Want to work around a sporting commitment? Great idea! You know what – you might even use your sports club contacts to build an even bigger business!

So what do these people have that you don’t? You are determined, driven and have a desire to run your own business. You can deal well with all types of people. You don’t even mind a new challenge every now and again.

If this is you, then you are right – these business owners have nothing that you do not. Then what is the difference? They have simply had the opportunity.

The Jim’s Cleaning Group has grown quickly since beginning in 1994. New franchise owners, passionate about the business, are eager to join a group renowned for teamwork, progress and the highest level of professional service. Over 200 families across Australia, New Zealand and, most recently, the United Kingdom, now own Jim’s Cleaning franchises, and earn great money while enjoying the best lifestyle on offer. In fact, in Canberra, it is possible to generate a 6 figure salary by following the Jim’s system.

But we need more people! This is a three billion dollar industry, and Jim’s Cleaning – possibly the best known name in the game – currently access only a small percentage of this market. With more and more people looking for professional cleaning services, we have a long, long way to go! We at Jim’s Cleaning have always known about the huge growth ahead of us, and we are now ready to help those people wanting to be part of it.

A Jim’s Cleaning Franchisee doesn’t need a degree, an office or even that much money (everything you need is included in the franchise price). We can also assist you in financing your new business, with specialists who know the Jim’s franchise model and options that include $0 deposit and unsecured finance!


What you do need is ambition, and a desire to build a successful business with great income and a capital gain potential. You also need to be passionate about exceptional quality and service. The right people will be given extensive training, ongoing support and a wealth of information and tools to succeed.


All you need to do is to grab the opportunity!


To find out more, visit www.jimscleaning.net, call Jim’s on 131546, or e-mail the local Jim’s Cleaning franchisor, Steve Walkom, at steve@jimscleaning.net.au



Melbourne-based contemporary jazz outfit James Annesley Quartet in Canberra



This group was conceived in early 2007, as a trio featuring James Annesley on soprano and tenor saxophones, Tom Lee on double bass and Hugh Harvey on drums. In early 2008 they were joined by guitarist Hugh Stuckey, who claimed 3rd place in the 2007 National Jazz Awards at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival.

The music from this ensemble is unique style of contemporay jazz which draws influence from serene, earthy folk music as well as hard hitting rock. Annesley’s compositions are rich in dynamic contrast and varying timbral textures, with plenty of room for adventurous, freewheeling improvisations.

The group has performed regularly throughout Melbourne, at venues such as Bennetts Lane, The Paris Cat and the Wangaratta Jazz Festival. They have also toured South Australia and are soon to embark on a tour of NSW and the ACT.

Their music has been heard on several radio shows across the country, including Mal Stanley’s popular ‘JazzTrack’ on ABC FM, for which a recording was specially comissioned.

The James Annesley Quartet will be performing three shows in Canberra:

Wednesday 1st Oct. Hippo Bar, 17 Garema Place, City, 9pm $10

Thurs 2nd Oct. Folkus Room, 5 Heard St. Mawson, 9pm $15/12

Tuesday 7th Oct. God’s Cafe, ANU, 8pm $15/10


Local Business Woman Wins Award

Congratulations Ruth Swan of Price Attack

Local business woman, Ruth Swan, has been recognised as the Woman of the Year for 2008 in the MOB Excellence in Franchising Awards for ACT/NSW.

The award recognises and rewards the contribution of women to franchising and their community with a view to highlighting the exceptional value women bring to business.

"Winning this award has made my year! Receiving recognition for all the hard work and effort has made me feel a glowing sense of accomplishment and appreciation."

With over 12 years experience in business, Ruth currently owns and operates four successful Price Attack salons within the ACT.  Operating four businesses within a relatively small area has given Ruth the opportunity to interact regularly with the community and to actively support it.

"The Canberra community has been so supportive of Price Attack stores – our customers are so loyal.They love the great value and huge range that our stores provide and the fact that all our staff are so friendly and knowledgeable."

Price Attack Managing Director, Barry Jarred, is full of praise for Ruth’s achievement. "Ruth is a fantastic example of how a Price Attack franchise provides an excellent career path for women, allowing them the opportunity to secure their financial futures, whilst supporting and growing their families."

"Ruth is a very driven and passionate business-woman who deserves every accolade that has been bestowed upon her."

Ruth’s supportive customers will be crossing their fingers and hoping that she takes out the National Award when the Franchising Council of Australia announces the winner in October. We wish Ruth the best of luck!

Ruth operates Price Attack’s Belconnen, Civic, Tuggeranong and Woden. For details of your nearest store visit www.priceattack.com.au



Successful ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Event

Fun Event - ACT ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society

Successful ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Event

On Sunday 31 August as members of the public reached the top of the escalators at Dendy cinemas civic, they saw posters raising awareness for ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). On the right hand side eye catching bright blue helium balloons indicated the event area. This festive atmosphere was the basis for the ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fundraising Cinema Event. Those attending enjoyed pre-screening drinks and tasty canapés before the screening of award winning documentary ‘I remember me’. Crowds were drawn to the table of raffle prizes and while buying a ticket learnt more about the illness. Thanks to PJ O’Reilley’s and King O’Malleys for donating the raffle prizes.

This event enabled the ACT ME/CFS Society, a small Canberra based charity, to provide information about the illness to the general public. “ME/CFS is a physical illness that can be very debilitating. By holding events like this we hope to generate awareness and understanding about ME/CFS” said the Society’s President Mary Campbell. This event also enabled the ACT ME/CFS Society to reach out and help new people living with ME/CFS.

What is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)?

ME/CFS has many symptoms, made worse by physical and/or mental activity and recuperation after exertion is prolonged. It is a complex illness affecting multiple systems of the body and, in particular, the nervous, immune and endocrine systems.

The ACT ME/CFS Society offers telephone support and support groups for people with the condition. It also provides information about the illness to patients, medical practitioners and the public; and raises funds for research into treating debilitating illness. For more information or to make a tax deductible donation go to www.mecfscanberra.org.au

ANU supports Canberra schools in Outback Rescue in rural Queensland


The Australian National University is entering the only high school team outside of Queensland in the UAV Challenge – Outback Rescue, open to all Australian high schools.

The Challenge is an international competition held in Kingaroy on 23-25 September and features UAVs, pilotless aircraft either remote controlled or flown autonomously with a pre-programmed flight plan.

Students design and build their own UAVs, which then mount an Outback rescue mission, delivering emergency supplies to someone lost in the bush. They compete for an ultimate prize of $10,000.

The Canberra team, Future Scientists of Canberra, is also the only multi school team in the competition, involving 30 students from 12 different Canberra schools.

Tourism, Regional Development and Industry Minister Desley Boyle said the Challenge was a great opportunity for students to get involved in aviation.

"The Challenge will broaden the students’ horizons, providing them with industry contacts and potentially open doors to careers in aviation," Ms Boyle said.

Australian National University Fellow Uwe Zimmer who’s been overseeing the team’s entry sees the Challenge as a great opportunity for the students.

"It gets them thinking about opportunities after high school and the direction they might like to take, serving as a great stepping stone to future education and careers in the industry," Dr Zimmer said.

"All the students have been very impressive so far. They’re switched on, coordinated and dedicated to the project, plus they appreciate being treated as adults, and acting accordingly."

The UAV Challenge is a joint initiative between the Queensland Government, the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA, a partnership between QUT and CSIRO) and Boeing Australia Limited.

For further information on the UAV Challenge – Outback Rescue visit www.uavoutbackchallenge.com.au