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Climate Unchange


This is my response to the article in the SUN-HERALD titled "money is no object in battle to save planet" (sunday 30th august) .. and my overall feeling toward climate change ..

Climate change/global warming is about as credible as Y2K – and we all know how that ended – it’ll be the same with the climate change/global warming hoax, after a while, when nothing has "changed" or "warmed", the rudd government and climate change/global warming supporters alike will be put to shame and asked how they are going to re-compensate the people they have ripped off. and this argument that Australia should take a lead on the issue and set an example for the rest of the world is absolute bollocks – how about trying to catch up to the rest of the world first??? we are still paying for healthcare, education and internet, ad there are still thousands of people without a place to sleep – Money being spent on climate change/global warming would be better spent on healthcare and education, and helping those who are homeless and/or disadvantaged – do you know in Sweden, they get free healthcare and education!!!?? thats right, anything from cold and flu tablets right through to major surgery, learning french to becoming a doctor – you need it, you got it. it is very successful, and people "actually" benefit as a result. It works there, so it can work here too – if Mr Rudd put this into action, helping every single Australian in the process, Australia would again be able to call itself the "lucky country", but until then, and until climate change/global warming is forgotten, I’m not sure so sure we are.

If we don’t wakeup and drop the climate change/global warming thing now, we, as a nation, are going to look mighty stupid in a few years time.

However, I feel amazingly confident that the ocean will stay exactly where it has been for the last few thousand years, and that the temperatures will only change according to the seasons.

Have a nice day.

ACT Handball Association Forges Ahead with New Committee

ACT Handball Association Logo





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The Australian Handball Federation [AHF] is pleased to announce that at a recent general meeting, a new committee for the ACT Handball Association was established.


The AHF is confident that ACT Handball Association will continue to achieve success in the development of handball in the ACT and Australia, with each one of the committee members bringing a comprehensive and impressive experience in handball.


The members of the new committee of the ACT Handball Association and brief background information on them are as follows:


President                     Anke Winnig


Anke has been playing handball for more than 17 years. She started in the German junior competitions and within the past 8 years played at the French University Handball Championships, the British University   Handball Championships and in the Scottish Handball League. At the end of 2007, Anke joined her husband to come to Australia for his PhD in Physics at the Australian National University. She has since then been employed by a private company as Geo-spatial Data Analyst. Anke’s husband, Daniel Doering, is a also a key player with the Canberra Handball Club.


Secretary                     Karsten Oelkers


Kasrten’s introduction to sport was through mini- handball in his home town Berlin. He spent a large part of his youth on a handball court; either playing, refereeing or as a spectator. He is a founding member of the Canberra Handball Club and has represented the ACT since May 2006. He came to Canberra to study for a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, which he hopes to finish next year. He is keen to give Australians and their kids the opportunities he had growing up in an environment of a handball club.

Treasurer                     Dragan Radicoski


Dragan started handball in his early childhood with a local club in his native Macedonia but quickly changed to other sports. It took many years and a move to Australia for Dragan to take up the sport again. He plays for Canberra Handball Club and has represented the ACT since 2007. With a Ph.D. in Physical Education and a great passion for sport, he is looking forward in helping Handball grow in Australia.

General Member          Sasha Petrovski


Sasha has been playing handball for a little over 3 years and has represented the ACT at two National Championships. He has been playing for the Canberra Handball Club for the last two seasons of the NSW League and participated at the Oceania Club Championships in Tahiti last year. He was originally from Sydney and has been living in the ACT since July 2001, where he now works as a Test Analyst for the Defence Housing Australia. He has a passion for all sports and has tried his hand at many, the most recent before handball being baseball. Sasha’s desire is to make handball more visible in the ACT and to watch the sport grow here, and around Australia.


Taip Ramadani

Taip has been playing handball for over 25 years. He is a former national team member who settled in the ACT at the end of 2006. In 2007 he founded the Canberra Handball club that won the NSW League in its inaugural year and lead the ACT men’s team to their first ever National Championship final. From 2007 Taip has been employed by the Australian Sports Commission as a Web Developer. He is very
passionate about developing a new wave of elite handball players in Australia.


The AHF wishes to thank ACT Handball Association’s outgoing President, Jacob Krog for his great contribution and passion for handball over the last eight years.  One of Jacob’s recent achievements was organising a very successful seniors national championships held in October 2007.  Jacob will continue to be an active member of the handball community as a player with the Canberra Handball Club.


A Most Extraordinary Life

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Free Documentary “Freedom and Liberation” about the life of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was born at 12 noon on 21 March, the day of the Spring Equinox when both day and night are exactly 12 hours, at Chindwara, a village right in the centre of India, in 1923.

Her parents were well-educated and her family was wealthy. Their situation changed dramatically, however, when they decided to sell everything to join the struggle for independence from British rule, led by Mahatma Gandhi. Their daughter Nirmala was expelled from school as a consequence.

Nirmala Devi had a close relationship with Gandhi and stayed in his ashram on many occasions. He thought she looked Nepalese and nicknamed her ‘Nepali’. Even though she was young, Gandhi valued her opinion and discussed many serious matters with her.

Mahatma Gandhi, (Mahatma means Great Soul) who led the Indian nationalist movement, developed a method of direct social action based on the principles of courage, non-violence and truth which he called Satyagraha. Acts of violence by the British, like the Amritsar Massacre in 1919 in which they fired on an unarmed crowd and killed almost 400 Indians, made Gandhi even more determined to develop Satyagraha and to gain independence through non-violent means.

He encouraged Indians to burn all the clothes they had that were made from English textiles and to wear clothes made from ‘homespun’ fabric. In 1930 he led hundreds of people on a 320km march to the sea to make salt from seawater in order to challenge the British government’s Salt Acts, which were laws that meant the people had to buy their salt from the government. These actions helped to overthrow the economic tyranny of the British, develop self-sufficiency and prepare India for self-government.

Gandhi believed that it was more important to act with integrity and truth than to achieve goals by violent or dishonest means. All of these non-violent actions took great courage as the British had no such scruples and were prepared to use violence against the Indians at every turn. The British eventually left India without one shot being fired by the Indians.

Nirmala Devi’s parents were arrested and jailed on many occasions during the freedom struggle and she looked after her brothers and sisters while they were in jail. Nirmala Devi became a youth leader for the independence movement and was expelled from university and arrested. There were many instances in which she showed great courage in standing up to the British.

After independence Nirmala Devi married Mr C P Shrivastava, a civil servant who later became Joint Secretary to the Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri. He went on to work for the United Nations International Maritime Organisation as Secretary General and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his outstanding service.

When her two daughters were both married, Nirmala Devi at the age of 47, embarked on her true life’s work, the dissemination of her method of en masse spiritual awakening or self-realisation, which she called Sahaja Yoga.

“Sahaja Yoga was known to me all along. It is a unique knowledge with which I was born. It was not so easy to reveal and I wanted to find out how to reveal it.”

She started with a few people in India and then worked with seven ‘hippies’ in London before travelling to Europe, America, Russia and Australia, never once taking any money for her work.

Sahaja Yoga makes it possible for the transformation of individuals and of the whole world with nothing but the power of love. Problems can be solved and peace can be achieved through the enlightened attention that emanates while in the state of thoughtless awareness or true meditation. Sahaja Yoga enables ordinary people to take the Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi to the next level, in which we can change the global consciousness, without saying anything, without doing anything, just by being in a state of meditation.

When asked if Sahaja Yoga will survive after her life on earth is finished, Shri Mataji answers with a smile and the words:
“I am not a futuristic person…”

Sahaja Yoga Canberra is hosting two public programs in September. Each program will include the screening of the documentary “Freedom and Liberation” followed by the opportunity to experience self-realisation and true meditation. The public programs will be held as follows:

Friday 12 September 2008
Tuggeranong Arts Centre Theatre
Reed Street (cnr Cowlishaw Street)

Saturday 13 September 2008
Bogong Theatre
Gorman House Art Centre
Ainslie Avenue
7-9 pm

No booking required
Admission Free


Quilled Art

The Hoppy Couple

Cards By Suzanne

At Cards By Suzanne we have taken the art of Quilling and Paper Tole and turned them into handmade greeting cards and gifts with a difference. Even if you didn’t make it yourself, giving someone a handmade item just seems so much more personal. Handmade items look more special, feel more special and give the moment a sense of occasion. We are a home based Canberra business and we pride ourselves in creating quality Australian Made products and we use Australian suppliers.


It's official, 2008 best in years

Thredbo off-piste action

Winter 2008 is proving to be a ripper of a season, and now it is official. The Snowy Hydro snow depth recorded at Spencers Creek as at 14th August 08 was 174.2cm, surpassing the highest recorded depth in the past three seasons and the 2008 season still has five weeks to go.

Visitors to Thredbo over the past few weeks have been amazed at not only the amount of snow but also the snow quality. Local media man and business owner Reggae Ellis said “customers have been raving about conditions, I personally just can’t remember when we have had consistently good conditions so many days in a row. August really has been one of the best I have seen, so September is set to shine”.

Following on from this awesome August is sensational September and this one is set to be a cracker. Springtime in the mountains is a great time of the year, imagine good conditions under the boards and a big blue sky bursting with sunshine above. This is when you catch the brave t-shirt and board short wearers. Mr Ellis said “with soft spring snow there is also a bit of a roll reversal, with a lot of skiers swapping their skis for boards, and snowboarders giving skiing a go. It’s a great time to have fun and mix it up”.

On the weather front, snow watchers are forecasting snow on and off for September. Pete (The Frog) Taylor, from snowatch.com.au, said it “looks like light snow showers into the first week of September, followed by a sunny period, before more snowfalls mid-September”.

Complementing the natural falls snowmaking will continue into early September, so with a solid base and a little freshen up from Mother Nature, spring is setting up very nicely.

For September Thredbo has extended night riding to every Thursday on Friday Flat, so skiers and boarders can put in the turns until 7.30pm.

New for 2008, lift passes will take a dive in September, with passes reverting back to early season pricing from September 15, so you can ride for two days for $129 for adults, $72 for the two days for children. Season pass rates are also taking a tumble now $599 for adults and $349 for the kids.

A visit to the snow needn’t all be about going downhill, spring is when the amazing Kosciuszko backcountry lights up. From the top of Thredbo’s Kosciuszko Express chairlift you’re only six kilometres from the top of Mt Kosciuszko, the gateway for snowshoeing adventures and backcountry touring.

So why not jump at some of these great value packages and sample snow and September in Thredbo this spring.

For media enquiries contact Thredbo Communications media@thredbo.com.au
29 August 2008


Thredbo Resort Centre Packages


5th Day FREE
Yes FREE, stay and play mid-week in September, pay for 4 and stay for 5.
From $615 per person 2 share
5 nights accommodation
5 breakfasts
5 ½ day Thredbo lift pass
5x 2 hour first timer group lessons
Staying in Thredbo at Winterhaus Lodge
Arrival days 7, 14, 21 & 28 September


Spring Fling
Spring – blue skies, sunshine, bikinis, boardies, blokes and babes, oh! snow riding.

From $379 per person twin share
From $329 per person quad share
2 nights accommodation
2 breakfasts
2 day Thredbo Lift pass
Staying in Thredbo at a selection of Thredbo Lodges
Commences 31 August


Kids Stay and Ski Free
There’s a variety of accommodation on offer and a bonus booklet of special offers valued at approximately $295 included per family.

3 Nights of Family Frivolity
From $528 per adult twin share
3 nights accommodation
3 breakfasts
3 day Thredbo lift pass
Staying in Thredbo at Black Bear Inn
Kids stay and Ski Free
Valid 14 Sept–6 Oct.


5 Nights of Fun for the Family
From $ 874 per adult twin share
5 nights accommodation
5 breakfasts
5 ½ day Thredbo lift pass
Staying in Thredbo at Candlelight Lodge
Kids stay and ski free
Valid 14 Sept–6 Oct.


For bookings contact the Thredbo Resort Centre 1300 020 589 or visit thredbo.com.au

"oh sh#t!!!"







What happens next boys and girls?

Cinderella Burns Up the Ice

World Class Skaters bring Cinderella to life

“A spellbinding dramatic experience that will thrill the senses.” – The West Australian, Perth

Magical special effects including fire and rain; lavish sets depicting Siberian snowscapes and gypsy carnivals and glorious costumes, coupled with breathtaking high speed throws, acrobatic feats and incredible lifts create an exciting performance that will sweep you to your feet. This is the story of Cinderella like you’ve never seen it before!

The Imperial Ice Stars, who won international critical acclaim and five-star reviews with their previous tours of The Sleeping Beauty on Ice and Swan Lake on Ice are renowned for their daring on the ice and unique style of story-telling.

The 23-strong cast of Olympic, World, National and European Championship skaters comprise the cream of Russian skating talent. The majority of the skaters have been trained by Russia’s leading coaches, some from as early as four years of age, and between them they have won countless competition medals.

Producer James Cundall, Chief Executive of Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, explains “By giving these exceptionally talented skaters the freedom to experiment outside competitive skating, while working alongside some of the top figure skating coaches in the world, we are able to take ice choreography to new limits.”

Cinderella on Ice has been conceived and choreographed by Tony Mercer, widely regarded as the world’s leading creator of theatre on ice, together with two of the world’s most respected ice coaches – Evgeny Platov, dual Olympic gold medallist and four time World Champion, and Alexander Zhulin, Olympic silver and bronze medallist and World Champion.

In this new interpretation of a classic tale, The Imperial Ice Stars tell the story of Cinderella, a humble chorus dancer who is thrust into the spotlight as a prima ballerina and captivates the handsome Lord Mayor’s son, the most eligible bachelor in town, with her graceful performance. Despite rival attempts by her stepsisters to steal his heart, the kindly Watchmakers and Gypsy Fortune Teller ensure that true love triumphs.

Artistic Director Tony Mercer, says “The ‘Cinderella’ story has been told in many different cultures over many centuries. I wanted to give our version a new setting while retaining the ingredients and emotions of this timeless story.”

WHAT: Cinderella On Ice
WHEN: 18-28 September
WHERE: Canberra Theatre, Civic
TICKETS: Adults from $59, Child/Conc from $49
BOOK: Canberra Ticketing 6275 2700 www.canberratheatrecentre.com.au

Woman Walks for Your Future

Stina Kerans Walks Her Talk

By Shanna Provost

“I am walking for every man, woman and child—for their future. I don’t know how else to shock people out of their inertia about where we are headed if we don’t make drastic changes to urban development.” Stina Kerans

You may feel you’re doing your bit by recycling and taking shorter showers–you may even have a worm farm for your scraps, but that’s simply not enough action to ensure our future.

The signs that drastic change is needed NOW are all there, and still we let developers create urban wastelands that only perpetuate our environmental problems.

One Canberra woman is so frustrated with the lack of real action by communities, councils and government that she is willing to walk as far and as long as it takes to shock our complacent society into action to do things NOW to ensure sustainability.

In the past weeks she has walked around 60 kilometres–from Yass to Murrumbateman to Hall and around Canberra suburbs.

She will continue to walk until she gets the attention of the public and genuine investors, planners and developers who are willing to implement new ways of urban development.

“There is an urgent imperative to move our cities and suburbs towards a new configuration of sustainable, human-scale, energy-conscious colonies of connected business/farming enterprises and consumers”, says Ms Kerans.

Recognised internationally for their work in sustainability, Stina and Garry Kerans see the creation of sustainable urban development locally as an opportunity for the region to showcase the viability of sustainable development.

“Our design for living can help alleviate such social issues as depression, suicide, housing affordability, financial pressures and provide a support system for single parents and the elderly. If we care for each other the environment wins as well, because we care about the environment in which we live.”

Ms Kerans walks alone along the highway with a large sign strapped to her chest and back. She says that at first she feels embarrassed, but is willing to experience the humility to get her urgent message out.

People who want to learn more about sustainable development can fill in an Eco-Survey at www.eco-survey.com.au or attend a presentation by emailing stinajane@yahoo.com.au.

Brain Gym Term 4 starts in October


Term 4 starts 20th October with classes held at Weston and Woden.

See the website at www.tinyurl.com/2nuzu5 (Currently showing Term 3, will be updated for Term 4 in September)

Enquiries to lynl@canberrac.act.edu.au for Woden, or phone 62055781

idai@canberrac.act.edu.au for Weston, or phone 62056786

Classes are available in many subjects, including Computers, Languages, Cooking, Dancing, Exercise, Crafts, Personal Development.

New classes and teachers always needed. Contact on above email or phone numbers.

Planning is under way for Term 4, so if you have a class to offer or if you would like to take a class we are not currently offering, get in touch now.


Socialist Alternative


 Socialist Alternative meets every Thursday night at 6 pm in room G 52 of the Haydon Allen Building at the ANU.


The meeting on 4 September will discuss the German revolution: 1918 to 1923.


Email canberra@sa.org.au or visit www.sa.org.au

Business is blooming for local family business

Vicki Berry from Easycare Landscapes

What started as a hobby has become a thriving family business for local landscaper, Vicki Berry.

Vicki had no idea when she started Easycare Landscapes that nine years later her business would be winning awards such as the Australian Horticulturist of the Year, ACT Horticulturist of the Year and the Family Business Australia’s First Generation Best Family Business of the Year (NSW & ACT).

“I decided to start the business when I was talking to a friend about how unhappy I was in my job and she asked what I love doing. I ‘raved’ about plants and the environment and how relaxed and happy I was when I was working outdoors. Just talking about it made me feel happy and excited and she could see that and suggested I do it. We talked about options and the one that really excited me was starting my own business”, said Vicki.

She added, “We started as a small, part-time garden maintenance business with me as the sole trader. The business grew quickly and within six months I was designing full-time as well as constructing landscapes with two employees. After two years of continued growth and constant interruption to family life, I moved the business from home to a designated office space”.

The business now employs eleven full time and five part-time staff including daughter, Lisa, who assists with admin on weekends and during school holidays. According to Vicki, husband, Gregg is also involved in the family business and helps maintain tools, assists with transport and even cooks at staff barbeques.

“The Easycare vision is to have a sustainable and productive business that protects and improves the environment, financially supports the family and the ‘Easycare family’ and has happy staff and clients”, said Vicki.

“Contributing to the community is also something we feel strongly about and this year we are proud to support the Family Business Australia (FBA) Family Expo at the National Zoo & Aquarium on Sunday the 9th November”.

“It’s a great outing for Canberra’s families and showcases some of the region’s innovative products, services and gastronomic delights”.

For more information about Easycare Landscapes visit www.easycare.com.au or the FBA Family Expo visit www.fbafamilyexpo.com.au.

Tuggeranong Indoor Community Market – How did it begin?

Where to find us - Tuggeranong Indoor Community Market

Tuggeranong friends with various craft businesses decided one day over a cuppa that they had suffered in the elements for too long to make market-going a pleasure and that’s where the idea to hold an indoor market in Tuggeranong came to fruition.

By holding the market on the last Sunday of each month, stallholders are able to fulfil their other commitments at other markets around the region. “We have been careful to choose dates that won’t interfere with other local markets as we are mindful that everyone needs a fair go”.

“We have been pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming response to our market and are working hard to make each month equally as rewarding for stallholders and buyers alike”.

Head to our:

You’ll find everything from hand-crafted cards, bags, prints, knitting, aromatherapy products, jewellery, baby items, jams, antiques, incense, candles, crystals, scrap-booking supplies, and so much more – plus enjoy a cuppa from the Jetty Café or grab breakfast from the sausage sizzle out the front of the centre (supporting Girl Guides).


Visit the market website for more info www.tuggeranongindoormarket.com.au


Avalon Essences - Asra Aromatherapy Incense


AVALON ESSENCES a Canberra home based aromatherapy business will be presenting Asra Aromas Aromatherapy Incense for the first time at the Tuggeranong Indoor Community Market this Sunday August 31

This aromatherapy incense range has been put together with a combination of essential oils and natural products to make it one of the best aromatherapy incenses around. Some of the incense blends that will be available include:

  • Harmony (Cypress)
  • Inspiration (Lemon Fir Balsam)
  • Meditation (Frankincense & Myrrh)
  • Relaxation (Lavender)
  • Spirituality (Patchouli & Vanilla)

For the full range visit the our Avalon Essences aromatherapy stall just inside the Main Hall

  • Tuggeranong Indoor Community Market
  • Tuggeranong Community Market (the building next to McDonalds)
  • Sunday August 31
  • 10am – 2pm

Sea Scouts play on frozen water

Scouts take a break on the snow

Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts held their annual snow camp at Cabramurra on the best snow weekend of the year (so far). The Sea Scouts are reknowned for normal Scouting activities like camping, motor-bike riding, hiking but with the additional fun of water activities. This year that has included ocean sailing, Sydney Harbour sailing, the 3 Lakes regattas, rafting, canoeing and now cross country skiing.

Over 40 Scouts with a number of Scout Ski Instructors and leaders took over the Cambramurra Scout Hall for a weekend of snow fun and some skiing. Cabramurra, as Australia’s highest town, gets lots of snow and this weekend was no different with the fog on the Saturday leading to about 10 cm of snow fall overnight and a trip out under chains – all new experiences for our Scouts.

The nordic shelter was the base for skiing and the Scouts had a couple of hours skiing on the flat and small slope without stocks, lots of falls – deliberate and accidental. Once they had their confidence up, the instructors led them around the 2.5km circuit in the fog. They were grateful for the warm stew for lunch before becoming more adventurous and heading out on the 5km loop after lunch.Once the Scouts prepared their "baked potatoes with everything" dinner, an indoor campfire entertained them before they headed for warm beds and an early night. 

When they woke up in Sunday, they were in a winter wonderland, so they headed up the nearby hills to try contouring and downhill skiing (on Xcountry skis). Many crashes later, the traditional snow fight developed. It was then time for Jess Jago, 15, our oldest scout to career down the hill on a toboggan to the Venturer unit as she left Scouts and was welcomed into Venturers, albeit with snowballs flying.

Returning under chains to Adaminiby, the Scouts agreed that it was the best frozen water weekend we have had and a definite must for the program next year. Of course, until then, they will entertain themselves with abseiling, caving, stage shows, camping and lots more water activities.

35 Scout Groups meet all over Canberra and offer exciting and challenging programs to young people from 6 to 80. They are dependent on leaders, (usually parents and former Scouts) to guide them. To find out more about Scouting in the your local community, ring 6282 5211.