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Mount Taylor stairs shut


Mount Taylor
Imagine my surprise to return from a two week overseas trip to find my regular hiking track shut! Well, not just shut but removed entirely! Mount Taylor is a popular walking and hiking location for residents of Torrens, Kambah, Pearce, Chifley and all surrounding suburbs. There are numerous routes around and up the mountain. The one that is most popular and most challenging is (was!) the stairway on the eastern side of the mountain.

Canberra Nature Parks has unilaterally closed the path (supposedly for renewal purposes!) and removed many of the steps and the access bridge. If there was any community consultation on this it failed to reach me!

In 2005 I used those stairs to train for the Kokoda trail. It was the perfect training venue. Eventually I reached a peak of being able to ascend and descend the stairway five times without stopping. This sort of training allowed me to successfully complete the trail (and enjoy it!).

The stairs had extensive repairs and renovations done only 18 months ago. The trail was in good repair. This is a ridiculous decision and one that I’m sure has angered many residents on the South side. Come on Canberra Parks – commit to providing us with another stairwell as good and challenging as the one we so abruptly lost!

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