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Minimising your holiday footprint


Ecotel escape
The Seascape Ecotel has been established by the Kerans Family to provide unbeatable value in accommodation while achieving growing ecological benefits.

The Land
The Ecotel is located on what was a 19th century dairy farm. Native wildlife is being protected and the regeneration of plants encouraged.

A beautiful swimming pool amongst the bush is being restored.

The Ecotel Accommodation
The Ecotel has been refurbished to take advantage of the generous ceilings and picture windows of the original fifties design with the benefit of modern appliances.

Water and waste
Low flow shower heads have been installed and rubbish is being recycled. Liquid soap and shampoo dispensers are being used as an alternative to packaged products to reduce waste. Cleaning and laundry products are phosphate free and biodegradable and clothes are sun-dried whenever possible to reduce energy consumption. Dual flush toilets and water tanks are being introduced.

Some piping has been installed to commence landscape irrigation from the root zone when a new recycling plant is installed.

Dual flush toilets and water tanks have been introduced.

Twin wind turbines have been secured to generate power for low wattage outside lighting with some conduit already laid. Solar panels for hot water heating and solar cells and a co-generation plant for energy are planned.

Heating and cooling
The rooms are designed to achieve flow-through ventilation. Fans are provided for supplementary cooling. Heating is by strip heaters with heavy curtains to retain the warmth.

The Farmhouse
The Federation farmhouse is being renovated and features high pressed metal ceilings, ornate lighting and locally milled floorboards.

Friendly by Nature
The Kerans are keen to create opportunities for people who stay at the Ecotel to share ideas with the staff and to enjoy the company of other guests, if they choose, by using the communal facilities.

The Seascape Ecotel at Narooma lies on the spectacular south-eastern coast of Australia, within a short stroll to the beaches, bush, breakwater and boardwalk. It is:

217 kms (2.5 hours) from Canberra
345 kms (5 hours) from Sydney
696 kms (8 hours) from Melbourne
The Ecotel is a motel with a difference. Environmental features are gradually being introduced to complement its six acres of natural bushland.

Excellent value
The Ecotel provides great value accommodation.

The 18 units range from $68 to $108 with special allowances for bookings longer than 3 days. Prices are subject to change during the holiday season.

Guests can enjoy swimming in the pool in a garden setting.

Contact us anytime to make an enquiry or booking.

44 Princes Highway North Narooma NSW Australia 2546
Ph: +61 (02) 4476 2217 | Fax: +61 (02) 4476 4847

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