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Local ACT company mHITs FINALIST in Canberra BuisnessPoint Awards

mHITs Pay by SMS!

Local ACT company mHITs Limited is a Finalist in two categories in the Canberra BusinessPoint Awards. The two award categories are; Innovation and Commercialisation, and Employee Growth. The winners will be announced at the Canberra BusinessPoint Gala Awards Ceremony in Canberra on Friday 12 June 2009. For more information on the awards and categories, visit www.canberrabusinesspoint.com.au.

“We are very proud to be a finalist in this years Canberra BusinessPoint Awards” said mHITs founder and CEO Harold Dimpel. “It is recognition that growth, innovation and successful commercialisation are possible even in challenging economic times” he continues.

what is mHITs?
mHITs (pronounced Em-HITS) is the next step in the evolution of payments.

The mHITs service allows consumers to pay for coffee or other food and beverage items using their mobile phone simply by sending an SMS text message. Consumers can also use the mHITs service to pre-order their items before arrival at a venue, meaning less queuing and waiting and faster service.

Users can also send and receive money instantly via SMS text message between any Australian mobile phone. This makes mHITs ideal for applications such as splitting bills, IOUs and taking collections for payments. The service works on all mobile phones, all Australian mobile networks and with any account plan.

As well as the purchase of food and beverages at retail Point Of Sale, mHITs is also ideal payment method for purchase of mobile content, MP3 and other electronic downloads, or for making purchases for goods and services from Internet websites. Other applications include vending machines, parking, taxi fare payment, charity donations and cash back offers.

mHITs recently launched it’s “pay for coffee by SMS” service in the Sydney CBD and has plans for rollouts in Canberra and Melbourne later this year. Details of venues currently using the service are available via the mHITs website at www.mhits.com.au.


how it works?
mHITs works by users sending SMS text messages to interact with the mHITs server. Payments can be made to other mHITs users, and can also be made to unregistered users. More money can be added from any bank account, or money can be moved out of the system back into a bank account.

mHITs users can pay each other and purchase goods and services from mHITs merchants. Visit www.mhits.com.au for more information. All new users currently receive an immediate $5 cash sign-on bonus.

what does mHITs stand for?
mHITs stands for mobile Handset Initiated Transactions and was first launched in 2004 as a platform for delivering pre-paid mobile re-charge vouchers via SMS. The service was re-launched in May 2006 as a person-to-person payment system. A merchant facility allows business to accept payments from mHITs users.

about Canberra BusinessPoint
Canberra BusinessPoint is an exciting new ACT Government initiative. It is a sophisticated business information mentoring and advisory service for business in the ACT region.

Canberra BusinessPoint is an innovative and free service designed to deliver end-to-end advisory services for start-up businesses, young businesses, entrepreneurs, exporters and established enterprises.

Specifically the program aims to assist businesses from a diverse cross-section of industries within the ACT, with particular respect to: growth plans, commercialisation of ideas and concepts and mentoring owners and operators in the effective running of their business. Visit www.canberrabusinesspoint.com.au for more information.

contact details
For more details, visit www.mhits.com.au or contact Harold Dimpel on 0410 622 272 or via email at harold@mhits.com.au.


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