Lithgow Prepares for Invasion


    The not-so-small township of Lithgow, located on the western side of the Blue Mountains, & renowned for its production of small arms, is under threat of an imminent invasion when the annual Lithgow District Ironfest takes place May 14 & 15.

    Founding Festival Director, Macgregor Ross: “We will have knights in armour on horses, on quad bikes, foot soldiers in chain mail, scores of archers, over half a dozen big Napoleonic era cannons & regiments of musketeers; tonnes of 20th century hardware, even a number of daleks! This will be our biggest display yet; real shock & awe stuff. You won’t want to miss it!”

    And for the first time, the number of visitors is expected to outnumber the total number of locals.

    Macgregor Ross again: “There are around 18,000 people living in the Lithgow district. We’re hoping to exceed that number this year. We have the program. All we need is the weather.”

    Lithgow is located in a valley on the western side of the mountains at over 900m in altitude. It is renowned as one of the colder places in NSW. This year’s Ironfest being held in May can be assured of one thing: it will be cold!

    Ironfest has been declared an event of state significance by Tourism NSW and has received many awards for its cultural uniqueness & quality as a tourism product.

    For all the latest information, including ticketing information & program details, visit the Ironfest website @

    Don’t miss Ironfest 2011, ‘Steampunk’, May 14 & 15, 2011, at the Lithgow Showground, Lithgow, hours: 10 – 5pm Sat & 10 – 4pm Sun.

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