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Kelbray Park – up for an adventure?


Opportunity for lifestyle with income producing possibilities.

Just think – a gross farm income >$20,000 would allow you to negative gear your income 45 minutes from Nowra – only 10 km gravel 1hr 45 min from Canberra – only 23 km gravel. Current road upgrade will make this about 11km.

Property summary:

·         Land area: 60 acres (23.3 ha):

·         4 titles

·         Fencing: Fully fenced and mostly good condition

·         Soil type: red basalt

·         Dam with water all year

·         Annual rainfall 950mm (80 year average 1200mm)

·         Established chestnut trees – 20 acres. Many trees have been reframed to a high yielding variety and are just returning to production. Harvest time mid March – mid April.  6 varieties ensure an even spread of nutfall over the harvest season.

·         Most land cleared, rock groomed and slashed regularly (originally dairy farm) –small natural stands of trees in gully heads and on top of knolls.

·         3 sheds, one with all amenities – solar lighting, 240v 1000 watt inverter, gas H/W, cooking and fridge, septic, 2 bedrooms, slow combustion heater:  one with workshop and storage: one with 6.5KVA generator (all cables underground) and storage

·         1,000 litre fully dedicated fire fighting trailer

Contact for more details or to organise an inspection: 0438 237 061

This well managed property at Sassafras, NSW is located on a small plateau on the edge of the east coast escarpment. Sassafras is an area of about 3,500 acres of freehold land surrounded by the Morton Wilderness Area.  The peacefulness of the area makes it an ideal retreat for weekends; somewhere to just relax and enjoy the scenery or perhaps start that novel you were always going to write.

The chestnut plantation is now well established and requires minimal maintenance. Most of the hard work has been done!  The harvest period usually starts mid March and is usually complete by Anzac day. Although a busy time, it is a great opportunity to invite friends to help out and enjoy the tranquillity of the farm and not to miss out on sitting around a campfire in the evenings roasting chestnuts.

Kelbray Park consists of 4 titles. The buildings are located well away from the road and surrounded by trees of all descriptions including the chestnut plantation. If the area feels too big for you to handle, you could always sell off the two smaller blocks (8ac. And 6.5ac) that front Trunk Rd 92 (as it is officially called). This road through Sassafras is expected to be sealed by December 2009.

First 6 photos courtesy J. Cochrane

Next 2 photos courtesy L. El Kilany

Rest courtesy Medhi Chebil








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